Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I have tasted heaven...

This is what heaven tastes like
this is what heaven probably tastes like... i hope!

I'm a changed person. I feel different. I walk different. I smile different.

Stop looking puzzled! I say that because my life will never be the same again! That's because....

I've tasted heaven.

Or maybe I've tasted something so divine that I would imagine and hope that heaven does indeed taste this good.


Seriously, if heaven tasted this good, I'd die a happy person.

Okay, before you start thinking I've gone bonkers, let me explain what in the world I'm going on about.

Yesterday, me and grace made an appointment to taste one of the most phenomenal sounding drink.

We've heard about it, we've seen it, walked past it but never got down to actually tasting it.

And since we're not on any abstinence of any kind, both of us decided to take a leap of faith. Not that we don't have any faith in this brown indulgence.

So we excitedly stode to this small shop and asked for this:

Top view of chocolixir

Those who've tried it would probably guessed by now!

We ordered the Chocolixir:

Godiva’s Chocolixir

A Godiva product through and through, this drink looked so darn promising. We had the dark chocolate decadence.

Was it that decadent? What do you think? Grace would endorse it anytime:

Grace endorsing Chocolixir
Grace wouldn't mind endorsing it in return for a lifetime supply of chocolixir

She looks happy eh? Haha, so was I. Because we had in our hands something so precious that we wished it'll never end. If only I had Harry Potter's powers - I'd make sure this drink doesn't end. I'd keep sipping and sipping and sipping..... till then end of time? haha

Whatever it is, this drink is a MUST-TRY for chocolate lovers. I'm hooked I tell you. Okay, it isn't that cheap ($8 per cup) but hey it's darn worth it. You're drinking Godiva chocolate mind you! It's like Tiffany's in the chocolate world. The drink was thick and had small chocolate bits in it! I thought I was dreaming - trust me, it keeps you on a chocolate high. Something I so needed after those dreadful exams!

I'm sure you can tell how much I love the Chocolixir and how thankful I am to Godiva for doing mankind a favour. Me and grace were very much taken in by the Chocolixir:

The lure of the Chocolixir
grace and I can't take our eyes off the chocolixir

So much so that we couldn't take our eyes off it. But wait. Do we look like we're seducing the drink? Or is it the one doing the seduction? Go figure...

What are you waiting for? Run run run to Citylink Mall's Godiva boutique and get yourself a cup of heaven! You won't regret! :)


Anonymous said...

mariya: does it contain alcohol?

the baker said...

hi mariya, nope, no alchohol at all. just pure decadent chocolate... you can choose to have it with whipped cream too!

Angie said...

Cheryl, that looks trily decadent. You simply love choc, don't you ;p

Anonymous said...

Can I know how to pronounce
" chocolixir " .... Thanks !

the baker said...

hey angie! yep, i'm a chocoholic! its so obvious eh :)

anon: hmmm i pronounce it as "chock-co-lick-ser". not sure if it's right though! take your chances.. haha..

Anonymous said...

Thanks Cheryl....
Will trying prouncing "Choco" loudly...then "lixir" fading off..
Haha! Cheers !!

Eileen. 静 said... looks delicious!!

gotta try it soon.. am a true blue chocoholic!! :}

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