Friday, May 05, 2006

The Best Choclate Eclair Ever!

Bakerzin Eclair

Bakerzin is by far one of my most favourite places I go to for that killer dessert - warm chocolate cake. But at times, when I am too lazy to actually sit down and wait, I go for the alternative, the chocolate eclair:

Best Chocolate Eclair Ever

I always thought Singapore had a lack of good chocolate eclairs. I had enough of eating mediocre ones/ Some really aren't fit to be called eclairs even! The fakes are the ones I dislike especially since they're packaged to be pretty on the outside but taste nothing like an eclair.

Anyways, it's pretty obvious where I think is the best chocolate eclair. Bakerzin of course! It's the perfect place for some pure indulgence, whenever whereever.

Eat your hearts out people:

Yum yum

Now won't you call that an eclair or an ECLAIR?

I just call it the wonder puff.

Speaking of wonder. I'm so glad my 'wonderful' exams are over. Like finally! Come on, cheer with me! :) You'll be hearing more of me....


singaporegrrl said...

OMG. That eclair looks fantastic! yummy!

missy-j said...
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me said...

the eclair from sweet secrets is pretty good too! i think it has to do with the filling, some places sell them with CREAM inside, which i think is totally wrong. but then again, i grew up eating the ones from sweet secrets (which coincidentally look almost exactly like the bakerzin one here).

YDavis said...

Chocolate Eclairs are on my favorite list. It's hard to get good ones. I usually buy them from the bakery, dare not even try the frozen ones.
Have looked up recipe to make'em, going to try it out.

Anonymous said...

mariya: i prefer coffee eclairs to chocolate ones. i've only tried those at delifrance and starbucks. anyway, just wanna say that i'm already a faithful visitor to your site. :)

favouritemistake said...

I've tried the chocolate eclair at the Deli in Pan Pacific Hotel. Their eclairs are stuffed with lots of chocolate fillings. Do give it a try, especially when you are a chocoholic! =)

the baker said...

thanks all for the recommendations! now i so have to try those that you guys mentioned. sounds so good! and yes the one from pan pac hotel sounds good. will def. try!

i'll have to learn how to make some of my own eh? then i can put as much chocs as i want!!! :)

shaz said...

sounds really sinful!! but yum!

Daffy said...

=) hooray! your exams are over, but I'm still mulling over mine. =(

Anyway, the meal you prepared for your family previously looked really really good! Especially the cheesecake, but of course I say that only cos I'm really a dessert person at heart...

Sunflower said...

Have you tried their cheesecake?

very nice as well! >.< yummpy

I love to patronise the one at One Fullerton.

s.j.simon said...

lol. did you know that chocolate was banned in switzerland for many years. read this

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