Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Fancy a Pucko?


Hahaha.... what were your first thoughts when you saw the words PUCKO?

Did the word Puke and Yuck come to mind?

Was at Ikea with some friends yesterday and one of them saw this being sold at the Ikea shop (where they sell their Swedish stuff + hotdogs and so on). Being an adventurous person who's game enough to try anything, he bought it.... and I really do think he regreted it.

Wonder why? Then I should suggest you try it for yourself.

I googled up Pucko and found that it's a chocolate drink normally drank with hot dog. Well I think it's supposed to be a good combination? But if you ask me, I'd say hell-no!

Pucko is like this really milky drink with only a hint of chocolate. But it's just too milky for my taste. It was more creamy than anything else. The drink was rather thin and there's like residue at the bottom... It was as though they used milk powder! You can actually see the dark brown residue in the photo.

My my, it was rather hilarious... all of us were actually trying to figure out how it might taste like and what does Pucko mean. One even suggested that it probably tasted like puke. Heh... and in case you're wondering, Pucko is a synonym for stupid, supposedly in an endearing way. Hmmmmm....

But the Tv ad was interesting and really brought across the 'stupid' point very well. It featured a puckosaurus even. Yea, go figure.

Actually if you're curious, you can watch it HERE.

Enjoy! Just be careful not to drink Pucko on a whim... you might just get dumber... or maybe what they mean was that only the stupid people / dinosaurs drink Pucko. OR, it might attract those who wonder if Pucko really is stupid and so they actually buy it to find out and when they do realise how bad it tastes, they finally realise the extent of their stupidity? Heh, okay this is getting nowwhere, I better stop this Pucko rambling now...


Craig said...

Personally, it reminds me of kissing - as in "pucker up" :-)

Anonymous said...

mariya: haha. yeah reminds me of kissing too. anyhow, i sort of like the coffee one. anyway, thanks to your review, i brought my bf to godiva for the dark choc decadence, and he was felt so light headed after that he was talking nonsense. :p

Anonymous said...

I am from Sweden actually! Anyway, as you said Pucko means "stupid" or more like "fool". "Ditt pucko" means "You fool". :D Why I entered this site from the start was because I searched on google.com for pucko + means , cause I heard that it means "darling" in Greek! So I had to check it up, and here I am!
Me personally don't drink Pucko, but it's very popular I think and quite many do.
Have a nice day!


Anonymous said...

You're supposed to shake the bottle before you drink it, so that the chocolate mixes with the milk. If not, the drink will be "milky" and the chocolate left at the bottom. FYI

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