Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Soursop

Soursop Fruit

I promised to blog about the soursop fruit so let me rave about it in an entire post....

This fruit looks weird. Or rather, i used to think it looked very weird. It kinda had thorns but wasn't as hardy as the durian. It's quite heavy and I was always wary of it because of its name. I mean, who names their fruit soursop? I know apples aren't known as sweetapples or sweetpeaches. haha... besides, the name sounds so soppy! I don't know when I first ate this fruit but I know that I can count on two hands the number of times I've consumed this exotic fruit.

I decided to check up wikipedia on the soursop's background and I found out that it's a distant relative of the pawpaw (a.k.a. papaya) It contains lots of vit C, B1 and B2 and apparently the fruit, seeds & leaves are used in herbal medicines. I originally thought it was an Asian fruit but it seems that it is native to the Carribbean, Central & South America... Here's what it looks like on the inside:

soursop flesh

Now, I don't suppose people make cakes with these? I've yet to try a soursop cake! haha.. But I must say, I've taken a liking to the tender and sweet custard-y texture and taste of the flesh. It's refreshing and really goes well with lime juice! Ya, I drank a cup of lime juice that had soursop at Old Airport Road the other day.

I'm looking to see what I can make with this fruit. I welcome suggestions from you my dear readers! :)


Cavalock said...

I have never heard of a soursop cake before. My fondest memories are of drinking it after a workout at the Botanic Gardens at the old hawker place across the road from there.

Angie said...

How about soursop ice cream/sorbet?

Jee said...

Angmoh durian.. I think that's its common name in Chinese.

I'd tried a soursop flavoured ice-cream before, well if it can be make into ice-cream it could probably be make into cake as well.

rotiman said...

soursop,we call it durian belanda in malaysia.but i dunno y it call as durian belanda

bajan princess said...

I am from the island of Barbados where we have soursops growing in almost every backyard you can find. We make a host of things with it including the infamous soursop drink as well as the icecream. Yes soursop cake can also be made since I make it and made it up to this weekened.

As almost if not every fruit can be used for cake, why not soursop.

whitney said...

I am from belize, where soursop grows almost every where there. I remember, when i was younger my mom used to prepare soursop with condenced milk. we also used to have soursop ice cream, which is my favorite flavor!!

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