Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Closeup of Adenishiki

I don't suppose you have any idea what those are. Well maybe you do, if you've eaten it before! They do look interesting don't they? They're not anything weird but thing is, I've seen them around but always decided against eating it. Why not?

Well, that's because they're nothing more than just crackers with nuts in them. I am a fan of nuts and thought it redundant to place them in crackers. Haha... well I was ignorant I guess.

Anyway these are called adenishiki, which means mixed bean crackers. I think they're of Japanese origins. I do recall seeing them in japanese packaging all the time. There's just so many! I love Japanese foods, they're so innovative and creative. More about my favourite jap foods another time.

Today, it's all about adenishiki:

Camel Adenishiki

I bought it from school's co-op because I was craving for nuts and felt adventurous as usual.
I like these adenishiki because it's fun to eat! I like the different textures and taste. Some are coated with sesame seeds... and you know what.. these had crispy mini ikan bilis (anchovies) in it. yum. . .

Oh oh, i have a habit of reading labels on whatever I eat... so let's see what the ingredients list says:

read the fine print

check that out! monkey nuts! and silicon... oh oh, and rape seed oil. Haha.. okay I'm being really mean now i know. but can someone tell me what are monkey nuts? peanuts ya? and silicon? do you mean i've traces of silicon in my body? let's hope not. and hmph, rape seed oil? or do they mean grape seed oil! look at the difference one alphabet makes. :p

all right, enough of that... anyway i gotta say I do like adenishiki! okies. i have to go now. have a social research assignment to complete! and exams to study... oh, the life of an undergrad....


Anonymous said...

rape seed oil is actually more often known as canola oil for obvious reasons. haha. i prefer those crakers w/o nuts tho. the seaweed ones are yummy!

the baker said...

oh! that's rape seed oil! i learnt something new today. haha. so now i know... thanks for enlightening me :) oh yes, the rice crackers wrapped in seaweed ya? superb!

Gustad said...

those things are cool. i love all those various asian snacks. my fav are those tiny japanese crabs. very small, and you eat the whole thing, shell and all. i think i mgiht still have some... maybe ill blog about it soon

the baker said...

gustad: i know! I've seen it in shops... those mini crabs. reminds me of those softshell crabs some restaurants serve. those you eat whole... love the crunchy factor.

jadepearl said...

Looks yummylicious! But, have never tried it before. Its crackers? to check it out!!!

Tania said...

Monkey nuts and rape seed oil ... oh, that's too funny!

You have a great site. The photos are fantastic!

sz said...

Heyy cheryl! this is shen zhi here, remember me? hah just popping by to say hi and study hard for your papers! urgh exams!! well well i think i may give this Adenishiki a try! forum co-op? something to munch on while i study! hah thanks for sharing!

Bunnyz said...

They are yummyyyyyyy! All the best for your exams..

Anonymous said...

hey, i was wondering if you knew... what is shortening used for? the kind for biscuits, and if there's a substitute for it (:

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