Monday, April 03, 2006

Quickie Lunch

Peanut Sauce

Do you like eating out or eating in?

Usually I eat out because it's convenient and also because I'm always out! Besides, I live very far from where I study so it's always best to grab a quick bite before heading for school or heading for home from school.

So today I had an afternoon lecture and decided against being lazy and made my own lunch. It's quite a yummy yet easy to make lunch. Wonder what it was? Well, it had something to do with that brown sauce at the top right there, and somemore homemade noodles:

Closeup of Noodles

ya, the other day it was fettucine, today, it's noodles. :)

Okay, back to lunch. Yes, I decided to try out a recipe I chanced on this food blog I stumbled upon. Titled "Everybody Likes Sandwiches" (the title caught my eye i must admit... funky eh?), the author had posted up a recipe for Cabbage, spinach and tofu on noodles with peanut sauce and I happily saved the recipe in hope of trying it out someday. And today happened to be the day.

I made some variations to the recipe though. I had no spinach at home so I just left that out. I added some fish I marinated with teriyaki sauce though. The recipe called for natural peanut butter but since I didn't have any, I just used normal peanut butter spread. Maybe next time I'll try it with the natural version. All in all, I quite like this recipe BUT i think i made a mistake... I think I added too much garlic and ginger in the sauce.. it was pretty hot! not in the spicy sort of way but in the gingery-garlicky kinda way, erm, if you know what i mean. heh.

here's the end-product:

Cabbage tofu noodles

It looks very oriental eh? I really like this dish! Eating it with homemade noodles makes it even better. haha.


sarah said...

i think u should stick to baking. your baked goodies always look so good but your cooked food kinda turns me off.

the baker said...

i like your blatant honesty though. erm which photos are you referring to?.. and if you're talking about the recent 'noodle-ly' ones.. well ya they look like worms don't they?

but sarah, you see, sometimes certain foods aren't so photogenic.

anyway nothing's gonna stop me from cooking :) i'll resume baking when my exams are over.

Angie said...

Looks like you're having fun with your machine ;p Just want to check with you, does your spaghetti cutter work fine, as in the noodle strands are nicely separated when they emerge from the cutter? Mine's giving me some problems :(

whimsy said...

Hmm not sure if peanut and noodles go together. The combination does seem weird to me...

Lina said...

Hey babes,

Who cares about the looks when your food always tastes so YUMMY! I'm so glad I get to taste all your cooking and baked goodies. We will get together for a potluck soon yeah?

Superficial bitches ought to stick to their gorgeous looking but cardboard tasting crappy food.

Cheers! :)

the baker said...

Angie: hey! hmmm mine seemed okay. you know what, i think you didn't add enough flour. don't forget that the dough might be too soft at the start. you need to keep flouring it. and once you get the flat wide strips, let it dry out for a while, then you put it through the machine again... because sometimes you need to get rid of the excess moisture! :) hope this helps ya...

whimsy: haha... ya, that was my first thought when i saw the recipe. but then again, i'm quite the adventurous person when it comes to food! i felt that the peanut part was okay. it was more of the garlic and ginger that made an impact - but i think that's because I added too much.

lina: hey babe! yes... we really should have that picnic we've been talking about! esp when shiv comes back! i really can't wait for our exams to be over....

sari said...

Cheryl, u shd do a food party.. Id pay the tix and come!

Anonymous said...

Errm..." Dan Dan mein " contains peanut sauce..& it's yummy.
Now to defend the cook...
Pls try to be nice...It's her blog & it's up to her to post whatever she deems right. If you think you don't like what you see....Just zip up & go to another blog.
Lastly, I must say, I enjoy this blog very much...Keep up the good work.

Angie said...

Thanks a lot for your reply. I didn't let the strip dry a bit first before putting them thru the rollers, thanks for pointing it out :) Hope my next attempt will not result in me peeling apart the noodles again.

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