Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My favourite cafe

Salmon Baked Rice

It's been ages since I went back to Miss Clarity.

Ya, I won't deny that it's my favourite cafe. I love the food, the ambience and the people there.

Especially sweet Nora, its owner. I take my hat off to her perseverance and hard work. Knowing her personally, I can say that the food there is cooked with love and you are getting your money's worth.

Now, I've heard alot being said about the place. Both good and not to good comments. Well I think they can't possibly please every single soul. Besides, it's already a huge challenge managing such a place with reasonably priced food.

Anyway, I do know for sure that the place still rocks like never before. Especially since they launched their new menu last week.

I knew I had to go back to try the food. And I did. I had the salmon baked rice (photo above) while Lina had the crispy al pomodoro:

Crispy Al Pomodoro

Again, the food knocked my socks off! Lina's crispy breaded chicken added a tasty crunch to the pasta and the portion was more than enough. She loved the dish. And best thing is, they make their own pasta sauce. I like it.

My salmon baked rice was a winner too. With huge chunks of breaded salmon, and lots of mozzarella cheese, what could go wrong? They also flavoured the rice with some tomato based sauce I think... this is by far one of the better baked rice I've tasted. Yum.

Oh Miss Clarity, you never fail to amaze me!


Anonymous said...

The food really look delicious!!

Do u mind telling me where the cafe is located?

Thanks a million!

Lina said...

Mmm looking at the photos I can just taste my pasta again.. yummy.

Here's the address of the place..
Miss Clarity: 5 Purvis Street #01-04 6339-4803

It's located right across the National Library, within walking distance from either Bugis or Raffles Place MRT. :)

the baker said...

YES the food is delicious! yum..

haha thanks lina for posting the address for me. :) babe, we should go back again! and have their choc fondue and waffles! ahhaa

e said...

gosh, that casserole looks great --try and get the recipe, for those of us who don't live in singapore!

undiscussablerealms said...

mmmm. :)

simonsezblog said...

The price of the set lunches have gone up $1 - $2. So while it is no longer dirt cheap, still fairly good value.

Chin said...

More Clarity photos for your pleasure.

PS. me blog is down at the moment, check back some other time.

Chin said...

Sorry forgot to append the link to those photos I mentioned above. Here they are:

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