Sunday, October 02, 2005

Veggies & Fish

dory flesh

Check out that tender flesh above.

Guessed what it is yet?

Easy peasy, no?

It's fish of course. Dory to be specific. One of my favourite fishes.

and here's another of my favourite type of foods:

stirfry vegetable

don't you think the orange and green goes well together? Well, I do!

I love veggies and I love fishies, as you can tell:

Grilled Dijon Mustard Dory

okay, enough of my fish/veggie babble...

That combination of fibre and protein was my lunch a couple of days ago. It was lunchtime and I was rather ravenous as usual. Since I was at home, I decided to cook my usual fish and veg fare. For those who think that's boring, I would beg to differ! haha... it really depends how you cook it I guess.

This dory was marinated in dijon mustard, paprika and black pepper. It turned out quite spicy but hey that's the way I like it! The vegetables were kind of impromptu. I opened the fridge and there was some chinese cabbage, carrots and tomatoes. And whatddya know... I chopped them up in quick time and started to stirfry them in the wok... not before adding garlic of course.

I know it seems a bit weird, to pair up grilled fish with vegetables. Not that western and not that asian either eh? I think it's a mix of both. I love western cuisine but sometimes I think that there's just not enough fibre in it. Don't get me wrong, I love my carbs (think bread, pasta, potatoes), but I do think there should be a balance. Okay I hope i make sense! :)

Anyway I've been eating out too often, what with my long hours on campus; that's why I try to take every opportunity I have to cook at home, when I'm actually at home.

Oooo I'm going to help cook some food for a small event next weekend. I can't wait to get started on it. Will post pictures after... Till then, cheerios!


Vera said...

wah looks good ah!

Anonymous said...

I should stop looking at food blogs when I'm fasting! Your photos made me hungry. 15 mins more to break fast... :)

blaze said...

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Randi said...

that doesnt sound like a weird combo at all, it sounds very good. I love fresh fish.

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