Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Cailler Chocolates

Cailler Hazelnuts

I used to be quite the chocoholic.

Okay, who am I kidding.

I still AM one.

But my taste for chocolate has evolved. Hmmm... is that the right way to put it? I don't know! However, I have an affinity for dark chocolate especially.

And my current favourite is Cailler's dark chocolate. What in the world is Cailler? Well I don't think it's available here but I happen to have a very thoughtful aunt who was kind enough to buy back some amazing chocolates from Switzerland when she was holidaying there.

Cailler Noir

Now this is what i'm talking about.

Noir. Life can't get better than this! Anyway this one she bought has bits of caramelised cocoa beans. Lovely. Man, I think I went on a chocolate high after consuming these chocolates. Erm, no, I didn't finish ALL of them, in case you were wondering. hahaa.. here's a closeup shot of the Cailler Noir:

Closeup Cailler Choc

Check out the cocoa beans!

Geez, what would I do if the human race never discovered the wonders of cocoa beans? We'll be so deprived.

Ahhh that said, I feel like having chocolate fondue all of a sudden! I'm thinking of the awesome icecream ball one served at Haagen Daz. Man! Or I could always drop by Miss Clarity Cafe - yes they have chocolate fondue too! They serve fruits, with some amazing melted chocolate. Shucks, I'm not doing myself any good with all this chocolate talk. I am craving for waffles all of a sudden. I better stop here! Time to dream of food in my sleep... Zzzzz......


faith-t said...

yes. the swiss make the best chocs i feel. we have a swiss family as close friends and they have a fridge full of cailler chocs which they routinely give out as presents on birthdays / appreciation etc. they go back to switzerland a few times a year and each time they haul back luggage full of goodies. =)

oh and they've done raclet dinners and other swiss specialites!

Rachel said...

yum. i am eating a dk chocolate toblerone as i read this! Mmmm

the baker said...

faith: oh yes, i'd have to agree with you! there's just something in those chocolates. maybe it's the milk from those amazing swiss cows? =p wow i saw the raclette picture. looks good! i've never had one myself. i need to go find some swiss friends too!

rachel: toblerones rock. used to eat it alot when i was younger, i found it fun to break apart the 'triangles'. dark chocolate is sooo good ya?

Hobbes said...

Fullerton Hotel has a Chocolate Buffet on Fri & Sat evenings for abt $25.

I'm still trying to work off the weight from my visit last year.

ilva said...

I can't help feeling that Belgian chocolat is even better than Swiss but I have to confess that I never tried this brand. I'm not too far away from Switzerland so I might find it here! I'll try, I will write it down and bring it with me wherever I go until I find it...

Amber Amethryne said...

I'm a chocoholic myself and are particularly fond of European chocs. Belgian & Swiss chocs are equally good, but if I've to choose one, I'd choose Swiss anytime.

corrine said...

I know this brand! They only make a certain amount of chocolates a day cos they use fresh milk, from their own cows. I know cos my friend went to their factory to take a look :)

T said...

i am incredibly jealous! cailler is one of my favorite brands of chocolate.

ps. im enjoying your vlog :)

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