Saturday, June 23, 2007


My friends around me are well aware of my sudden infatuation with all things Japanese, especially food.

A trip to Daiso always sees me going home with multiple bags of 'goodies' and I've been declaring openly how I crave for a good plate of omurice, hamburg meal or hayashi rice.

That's how crazy I am about Japanese stuff now. Well, I think I'm more excited about the food really.

I have every reason to! Been watching this 12 episode Japanese serial called Lunch no Joou (Lunch Queen) and ever since the moment I laid eyes on the food in the show, I've been salivating so bad that every thought of lunch leads me to omu rice.

Alas, I haven't found that amazing omurice place. But if you know of any, please do tell me! I've been hunting high and low. Most Japanese eateries here sell mostly dons and soba, and sushi etc.

Ohhh.. but one place has managed to satisfy one Japanese craving. It's a place that's familiar to most. Been hearing bout the restaurant from literally everyone I know.

Waraku is its name and I have to say that it didn't fail to impress me either.

Brought sis there on Thursday and really enjoyed it. Go ask my sister. She was pretty intrigued by the look on my face as I ate my meal.

She had the lunch set meal that included one Cha Soba and one Salmon Oyako-don:

It sure is filling and the soba was yummy - love the chewy texture...

What did I have?

Hahahaha.... the hamburg meal of course! Though I would have appreciated it if they have me some rice to go with the gravy but hey, I shan't complain because it was really really good!

Served with a generous amount of demi-glace sauce, the hamburg patty was really fresh and tender. Each mouthful was greeted with a satisfying smile. Oishii!

Throughout the entire meal, I was thinking of how good the sauce was and how it complemented the beef. Go watch Lunch Queen and you'll understand the root of my current obsession. hahaha..

Eat it with a soft runny yolk and you'll never want another processes beef patty again. Everything pales in comparison now.

Trust me on this, this hamburg is top notch. Do go try it before it's gone. It's on their limited edition Summer Special Menu.

What can I say. I'm simply speechless.

I've found THE amazing hamburg! now it's time to find that great omurice. Recommendations anyone??


#01-12 Starhub Center
51 Cuppage Road
Tel: 6721-1123
Open: 11:30am - 11pm ( Last order 10:30pm )
*They have outlets in East Coast, Marina Square and Clarke Quay (The Central)


Anonymous said...

OMURICE!!! I have watched Lunch Queen too and yea, i was drooling thru the show. Same here, still looking for that perfect omurice. There's one stall at the basement of Takashimaya that sells omurice. Tried it but wasn't really fantastic.

Anonymous said...

OMURICE!!! I have watched Lunch Queen too and yea, i was drooling thru the show. Same here, still looking for that perfect omurice. There's one stall at the basement of Takashimaya that sells omurice. Tried it but wasn't really fantastic.

Jen said...

I am just the same, right now I am crazy about Japanese food. It's hard not be though, everything is just so delicious. Those soba noodles look great!
Nice blog.

Unknown said...

one of my fav jap place is waraku!

Anonymous said...

Actually which Waraku branch is the best? I've read/heard that quality varies among the branches...

Anonymous said...

waruku's food are pretty good.. w the exception of a worm in my salad.. haha

Anonymous said...

the japanese restaurant at the basement of liang court serves pretty good omu rice, considering that not many places serve omu rice at all! i always order it with a tonkatsu set to share with my friends lol

and lunch queen makes me drool! the way she eats the omu rice LOL

Anonymous said...

Ah... The Japanese and food. Wonderful combination. Reminds me of all those food anime and dramedies about miracle chefs and eating competitions. Good stuff.

A One-Winged Angel

wanida said...

there's a place at taka foodcourt which specialises in omu rice. it's opposite the ban mian stall. and i think ajitei (at ps, taka and bugis) have a omu rice special going on.

Anonymous said...

you can try ma maison - 2 locations, one at central mall, one at bugis junction.

best omu-rice i've ever had was in tokyo, near mitaka and kichijoji.

Max Ng said...

omu rice is like nasi pataya issit? haha. egg wrap fried rice top with ketchup. dont know what is all the hype about. sure is some good comfort food. sometimes you just need it, ya?

like wanida said, taka omurice. basement. or you can try nasi pataya at Simpang bedok. that is a sure bet.

Waraku branch i think the better one is at Marina Square.

soba looks overcooked though. sad.

fin_13 said...

Hey shawn, Waraku is awesome.

Do try the Sukiyaki set and also the curry Udons.

i usually eat at the Marina Square Branch

- calvin

Max Ng said...

If you all really want real good japanese food. try the sukiyaki set at MEGUMI along siglap road. its wagyu/kobe beef they serve there. i am going to put those pics up on my blog to come and think of it.

if anyone interested to see just click on me.

Anonymous said...

you can try taka basement one beside the beard papa stall for omu rice.

hadnt been to any other stalls,since the taka one sells cheaper than the one in bugis.

fin_13 said...

I've tried Megumi @ Siglap. Didn't really like it there, but they did have a few good dishes.

Max Ng said...

tell me more abt ur experience at megumi so i next time can go find out/avoid. haha.

Anonymous said...

for omurice..try hoshigaoka with branches at orchard towers, shaw house and parco bugis.

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