Saturday, August 20, 2005

Miss Clarity Cafe

Chicken Gordon Bleu
Chicken Gordon Bleu

Have a look at that photo above.

What do you think it is?

Don't you think it looks vaguely interesting and delicious at the same time:

Gordon Bleu closeup

that's a closer shot. check out the ham and cheese. can you smell the aroma permeating through your computer screen?

If you thought that was good, try imagining what this would taste like:

Chicken Ballotine
Chicken Ballotine

have you guessed?

Can you feel it in your mouth? Yes? No? Want more? Sure....

Chicken Baked Rice
Chicken baked rice

Now... you are so gonna hate me for doing this aren't you?

But please, have patience and enjoy the food porn while you can...

clarity cafe's spicy wings
spicy wings

All right all right, I had better stop being so evasive about these gorgeous dishes. Sorry, but I was simply in a playful mood. haha...

Anyway, yes, I discovered this gem of a cafe recently through a friend's recommendation.

Miss Clarity Cafe is THE latest hot spot in town where you can dine at prices so reasonable your jaws might drop. Plus, they have free wi-fi and they don't mind if you chill out and study there with your laptops.

They serve a range of western and asian cuisine. Opened in June this year, Miss Clarity Cafe is run by a family who's quite adept in the F&B business. The chef himself used to work at Raffles Grill. Impressive eh? The amazing thing is that they don't even have service charge. But trust me, you'd def. wanna leave them a tip because they have such a personable way of serving.

The time I was there, I ended up chatting with Nora, the lady boss and her chef son and even her waiters - who were actually her nephews.

Why name it Miss Clarity you ask? Well that's the name of one of Nora's niece.

Okay I think I've digressed enough. Back to the food!

Yes yes, that which you saw at the top of the blog, that's Chicken Gordon Bleu, breaded chicken stuffed with ham and cheese. Can you guess how much it costs?

You wouldn't believe it if i told you.

It set me back only by a mere $5.50. Without svc charge too mind you! I mean, given the neat presentation and quality of the food, you would have expected to pay at least about $12 won't you?

But you see, that's the wondrous thing about this cafe. They don't aim to suck your pockets dry. All they want to give you is a satisfying meal which actually tastes and looks good.

If you do decide to drop by, don't leave without trying their Chicken Ballotine. It's chicken stuffed with mushrooms. It tastes great. Oh, and yes, their baked rice. You saw the amount of chicken in their baked rice didn't you? Yes, that wasn't a photo trick - there really was that much of chicken in that dish. It was yummy!

As for dessert, don't fret, they have some amazing stuff that will leave you speechless:

Clarity Café’s Chocolate Fondue

The chocolate fondue costs only $10. and their bread pudding:

Bread and butter pudding

It costs only $2.80. I didn't try the pudding but my friends who did, well they loved it so much that they keep going back for more!

I do think that this cafe wouldn't be seeing the last of me. I know that for a fact!


Miss Clarity Cafe
5 Purvis Street
Tel: 6339-4803
Open 7am to 11pm



Anonymous said...

All of those chicken dishes look simply delicious. I'm so envious :)

coboypb said...

The food and dessert look so yummy. I must visit the cafe one day! :)

Anonymous said...

OH OH oH OH CHERYL!! u juz ROCK! the pics are really makin me die and drool on my keyboard!!! i lUFF YOU my food pAL! hahahah.. :D:D wed chioNG DURIAN ok!! :) seeya!

Kalyn Denny said...

The photos for this post are really amazing. I wish I could come to Singapore and try the restaurant.

Cate said...

The bread pudding looks amazing!

boo_licious said...

Aiks, I just ate dinner but these pixs are still making me hungry. Everything looks great and super yummy,

the baker said...

tfp: you bet! they taste phenomenal. do check out the rest of their offerings!

coboypb: please do! oh and try their warm chocolate cake dessert. they serve it in a cup with ice cream. delightful...

cherlyn: yes, durian wed is def. on! keep on drooling =p

Kalyn: thanks... it helped that the food looked darn good too. don't you love photogenic foods? =) where are you from by the way?

sweetnicks: yes it does, doesn't it? it looks so inviting. yummm

boo: hahaa... then you must try out their food when you come to singapore for a holiday! let's hope that's soon?

Anonymous said...

thanks for this post! i'm always on the lookout for good (and cheap) eats... this looks good, esp for my sweet tooth craving! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Cheryl

Chubby Hubby and I went to check out Miss Clarity Cafe after reading your yummy post (of course we felt like dinosaurs sitting among all you young'uns). Great food at a great price. Thank you for the recommendation.


Anonymous said...

Don't you mean Cordon Bleu?

Love the pictures, by the way, would definitely pay Miss Clarity Cafe a visit! Thanks for the write-up.

the baker said...

hi karen, no, the dish IS called Gordon Bleu. Cordon Bleu is the culinary school - Le Cordon Bleu.

anyway enjoy your trip to the cafe! You'll love it. cheers... :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for introducing me this, it looks really yummy and it's definately going to be in my list of must-trys. It's all fried and I got to go back to exercising after I try them. ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes i went there this evening.... will go again!!!!


eggplanter said...

Actually I got to know about your blog after visiting Miss Clarity Cafe. They actually printed out your 20 Aug 2005 blog and pasted it up in the cafe.

The food is so good, I'm going there again tomorrow. =)

Anonymous said...

i believe cordon bleu is correct. if u know the history of the dish, it was actually created by one of the chefs from the school. gordon bleu is the refering to the cognac label.

ps. even the menu is cordon bleu :)

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