Friday, August 05, 2005

Blogging By Mail - Stephanie's parcel from U.S.A

blogging by mail package

Been extremely busy at uni, what with the orientation activities we've had this entire week so I apologise for the lack of posts these days.

Anywayz, I'm back in business! Finally settling into uni life, lectures start next week. In the meantime, I'll continue to bake/cook at every opportunity. My newfound friends and I are planning on a potluck in the coming week. So, look out for that post.

Allrighty, I think I owe all of you the Blogging by Mail update. I did say that I've already received Stephanie's blogging by mail parcel the day before my birthday.

Here's what she gave me:

usa candies

Plenty of candies from U.S.A, all of which cannot be found here, except for Nerds.


Doesn't the bubble gum look darn unique? It doesn't come in uniformed rectangle strips. Instead, it's kinda shredded in a way. I couldn't try it because I wear braces, but my two siblings definitely enjoyed it alot. Who wouldn't? Since bubblegum can't be found in Singapore.


Sweet Stephanie went all out to treat my tastebuds to a very sweet encounter. She made multi nut brittle, as you can see from the above picture. Gotta admit that was my favourite. I love nuts and yes, I adore caramel. Yum..

Molasses candy

I think this is the molasses sponge candy. Well it was the only softer candy she included in the package.

rootbeer candy
Aunt’s Kitchen Aid
Mint and Cherry candy

She also sent me a couple of other 'hardtacks' that she made from scratch! I was really impressed. I'm not really sure which was which. But if I'm not wrong, the dark brown one was root beer, the second, cinnamon, and the green one, mint. Not sure about the red one though. I didn't eat it yet but my brother said it was cherry. The candies are still sitting in the container I transferred them into. I think they could last a long time. I'm not really a hard candy person but I must say that I'm really in awe at these sweet treats Stephanie has produced. I haven't tried making these kind of candy yet but it sure sounds really difficult.

Thanks so much Stephanie for sharing your candies with me! I really love them. It certainly was a delight to open the parcel on my birthday.


Stephanie said...

I'm so happy you like them!

The bubble gum is supposed to resemble 'snuff', or loose tobacco. Like baseball players would stuff into their cheeks. At least, that was the appeal when I was a kid.
I had no idea you couldn't get bubble gum in Singapore!

Yes, that's molasses sponge candy.

As for the hardtack: there's root beer (light brown), anise...or licorice (dark brown), cinnamon (red) and mint (green, obviously).

I'm so sorry I couldn't along cookies or other baked goods...until they come up with a faster shipping route to Singapore, I'm afraid hard candy's all I can manage!

emy said...


Just came by your blog - the candies and your party food looks so tempting.

Gosh, perhaps it's time for me to learn how to cook since I have a brand new kitchen? :P

Anonymous said...

Hi cheryl been lurking arnd yr blog for awhile nw. Happy Belated Birthday. Ayam buah keluak, havent had that in yrs. Just had devil curry n sheperds pie at home too!!!Keep your yummy posts coming, I just cant get enough!! Cheers!

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