Friday, February 03, 2006

Yu Sheng

Yu Sheng

Happy Chinese New Year ya'll!

Hope your holiday was enjoyable. How was your 'ang pao' collection?

Anyway, my CNY was not too bad, went to have steamboat at grannie's house and yes, there was yu sheng too.

Every year my aunts will prepare their own homemade yu sheng and then when the time comes, we all gather round that huge plate and mix it all up with chopsticks:

Lo Hei

It's quite a messy affair as you can see. But hey, yu sheng is tradition, at least in Singapore. I think some Singaporean created it. It's actually a raw fish salad. It's supposed to bring prosperity, good health etc. I hope it works for me! I did have a part to play in mixing it all up... :)

Okay, that said, I'm off. Been so tired - was baking the many orders for Operation Cookies for a Valentine. Someone help me! I could so use a massage right now...


kein said...

happy CNY! work hard, i'm lookin' forward to the cookies :)

Li yee said...

i love that every year after the chinese new year my family will eat the leftover 'sheng' as salad for dinner in the remaining few days after the first day of chinese new year. it symbolizes abundance, because we eat the 'Sheng’ 剩 from our 魚 ‘生‘ life。 which means longevity
and abundance。

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