Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Wild Hibiscus Gourmet Ice Cream

Wild Hibiscus Gourmet Ice Cream

I blame it on the extremely hot and humid weather - these days i've been craving for ice cream, alot. Most of the time, I just settle for the prepacked ones at 7-Eleven; think Magnum etc. But yesterday I couldn't resist trying out something fresh and intriguing. Located at Citilink Mall, Wild Hibiscus Gourmet Ice Cream opened only a few months back, if i'm not wrong. Have read about it in the papers but never got down to actually trying it, until now. Boy did i not regret it.

Lavender and Orange Flavour
Lavender & Orange flavour

Me and my sis were there after watching Unexpected's gig at the Esplanade yesterday night (they were awesome, as usual) and we felt like indulging in something sweet, thus making a pit-stop at this ice cream parlour. We had two flavours: Lavender & Orange, and Elderflower sorbet

Elderflower Sorbet

Both flavours will uber fantastic! I'm not exaggerating. It's quite different from normal 'safe' flavours like vanilla and chocolate. These were quite refreshing. I love the lavender and orange one especially. I could actually taste the lavender and orange essence (there were orange peels in it even). The elderflower one was amazing, rather creative i say.

anyway if you, like me, are bored of the usual vanilla flavoured ice cream, and need something to cool down the fiery temperatures, then try this one. I think you might like what you taste.

P.S. Other interesting flavours include chocolate & hibiscus, and alot more. have yet to try them though!


Wild Hibiscus - at Polar Cafe
#B1-02 City Link Mall
Tel: 6835 9909
Ice-creams available daily from 11am-10.30pm


Jan said...

hulooo!!!=) i've had this as well, i tried the milo ice cream, and its fabulous!give it a go next time ur there.=)

Ashley said...


Try this recipe and invite us all for christmas!

Three Broomsticks' Butterbeer

Madam Rosmerta's butterbeer may be the best in Hogsmeade but you don't have to go to The Three Broomsticks for a taste of Harry Potter's favorite drink!

What you'll need:

a.. Root Beer
b.. Butter
c.. Cream
d.. Butterscotch

What to Do:

Pour the root beer into a microwaveble container. In a small bowl put the butter and butterscotch and microwave until melted. Next microwave root
beer, just long enough to get it moderately warm. (Remember, you want to keep it fizzy.) Pour melted butter and butterscotch in the root beer. Add cream. Stir together. Serve in a traditional English metal tankard or big

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