Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The First 'Blogging By Mail' Adventure

My chocolate chunk cookies
my lovely choc chunk cookies being packed, ready to be sent off to the US.

Have you ever read someone's food blog and wished you could have just a wee taste of whatever goodies that the blogger had just baked or cooked?

I know I have.

So when Nic of Bakingsheet came up with the ingenious Blogging By Mail idea, I was pretty excited. Imagine having someone send something homemade all the way from across the globe? How cool is that?

In case you're wondering, this is how Blogging By Mail works: you first inform Nic of your interest in participating, and pass her your postal address. After which, she'll give you someone else's address and you would then send something homemade and/or anything reflective of your country's culture and so on.

As you can see, I sent my homemade choc chunk cookies and also included a few goodies:

My Singapore Package

A box of Prima Laksa paste, some Milo nuggets and Kopiko sweets were what I added to the package. In case you're wondering, Laksa is actually a popular dish in Singapore. I think it originated from Penang but the version we have here is a little different. Laksa is a mish mash of different cultures: Peranakan, Malay and Chinese. It tends to lean on the spicy side, so I really hope Lauren (my receipient) can tolerate chilli! I think Milo can't be found in U.S. so I sent her some milo nuggets to try and yes the Kopiko sweets are actually found only in Asia? I grew up on that sweet too.. so I thought it might be something interesting for her.

Anyway Lauren just informed me that she's gotten the package! And thankfully, she did enjoy the cookies. I'm glad the package didn't get lost in the mail. And oh, Lauren, if you're reading this, feel free to email me if you're not sure how to cook the laksa? :) Hope you're inspired to start a food blog of your own soon!

Before I forget, here's a peek at what our lovely Blogging By Mail hostess sent us:

USA Package
Sweets from USA

Chocolate Caramel Creme Savers, Jelly Belly flavoured milk chocolate and of course, the star of it all: her white chocolate and chocolate chip blondies!

Can you imagine how good the blondies were? I'll try my best to describe them to you: as soft as brownies, a little crumbly and as sweet as can be. Well I have a sweet tooth so naturally I took to the blondies really well. It was my first time tasting blondies and I was highly satisfied with this first taste! Gosh, my two younger siblings cleared them up real quick too! Thanks a mil Nic! It's cool to have finally tasted one of your baked wonders!

And I love the Jelly Belly milk chocolate candies! The flavours were really cool: think honey graham crakcers, apricot, liquorice, pear, cinnamon apple and so on... it was so fun to eat. and of course, the creme savers were fantastic. The best part about receiving this package was the fact that none of these stuff can be bought in Singapore! So I feel really privileged to have had a chance to taste all these goodies. Man, Blogging By Mail is the best thing to happen in the food blogging world! I'm definitely going to take part in the next one.

Stephanie of Dispensing Happiness has sent me her package but I have yet to receive it. And now, after reading her post about what she sent, I'm ever more so excited about receiving it! Haha, who knows, it might actually reach me on my 21st birthday this friday! It'll be a real treat - a sweetly sweet birthday present! Lol.. keeping my fingers crossed. Do stay tuned for an update when it lands in my hands right here in sunny Singapore!


Anonymous said...

Nice cookies. I am hungry now. hehe. I have been following your blog for quite some time and I have to say that your posts are really really yummy. Looking at all these food blogs made me comtemplate if I should start one myself. hehe

I thought Kopiko can only be found in Asia until my trip to Krakow recently. They have Kopiko in Krakow!!. Now that's bizzare!!

Stephanie said...

Well, happy early birthday! If I'd known I'd have...baked a cake. No, that clearly wouldn't have worked. But I could have fashioned a gum paste cake, and sent it along! Oh, well...maybe next time!

I'm sure it'll be there soon. They told us 4-10 days, and today makes six.

Nic said...

Happy Birthday Cheryl! I'm glad that my blondies were a hit. This is a great write up. I'm so looking forward to the next round!

Anonymous said...

this is sooo cool!
but i have stopped baking... for now. Will be busy the next few weeks! Must.pack...

Oh and Happy Birthday in advance!!! :)

the baker said...

Eus: Kopiko in Krakow? wow.. haha ya i thought they only had it in asia. yes please do start a food blog of your own. the virtual foodie community could always do with more food lovers like yourself! remember to let us know your url when you do alright? :)

Stephanie: Thanks! hehe ya I don't think the cake would have survived the trip across the globe either. but thanks so much in advance for making those lovely sweets. i'm really looking fwd to trying them!

Nic: thanks for your well wishes. yep i am already very excited for the next round. it's really fun sending and receiving stuff from people all over the world.

Fat Fingers: yes yes, it's loads of fun. no worries babe, when you're in UK, i can send cookies to you if you crave for some. haha. oh ya when are you leaving anyways?

Anonymous said...

Happy B-day also ;)

Blogging By Mail...I like that idea. Those items look great...esp. the cookies.

Vera said...

haha you are sooo sweet!
i am leaving on the 21st of Aug. not too long to go now!

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