Saturday, January 17, 2009

Chocolate Indeed

Having a chocolatier as a friend can never be a bad thing. Especially if you love chocolates more than diamonds or cars. Hmm, okay that is quite a stretch, but you get my drift.

Those familiar with our local trove of online homemade eats might know who this chocolatier is. His chocolate business of sorts was once known as Julius Truffles. Helmed by a young undergrad by the name of Julius Chen, this humble endeavour of his has blossomed into something very promising.

A recent conversation with him revealed a change in direction. Julius Truffles is now known as 'byJULIUS chocolate indeed'. He's done a whole revamp and I'm sure the new creations will be just as popular as his famed truffles (which are great by the way).

Julius was kind enough to let me try a box of his new chocolate creations:

The gold box yielded four different pralines, all of different colours and shapes.

From what I gather, the four pralines are as follows (from front to back):

1. Hazelnut milk chocolate ganache praline
2. White chocolate infused with grand marniar ganache praline
3. 73% dark chocolate ganache praline with gold foil
4. Raspberry framboise brandy liquer pink truffle

Naturally, as a fan of dark chocolate, I took to the third one like bees to honey. Dark is always good. The other one I like has also got to be the most pleasantly surprising one - the pink truffle.

You see, I couldn't resist sniping one or two shortly after I got the chocolates. I didn't know what each praline contained or what it was supposed to be. I only found out about the different flavours after checking the website.

So I bit into the pink truffle not knowing what it was supposed to be. I had no idea it was filled with brandy liquer. I did spill some onto the floor (what a waste!) but it was a wonderful surprise. My dearest sister also told me that her favourite one was this pink one. Apparently, she likes the liquer centre.

I do commend Julius for constantly trying to reinvent and repackage and even rebrand his products. That's the sign of a true and savvy entrepreneur. Hopefully he'll have his own retail shop in the near future. I won't be surprised when it happens.


For more information on 'byJULIUS chocolate indeed', check out his website.

To order his chocolates, email him at

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aforkfulofspaghetti said...

My, they look REALLY good!

Sadly in the wrong country for me... :(

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