Sunday, July 06, 2008

Finally, a new fridge!

In case you haven't noticed, there hasn't been much cooking or baking around here.

Or maybe you did notice and was wondering why.

Friends of mine would know the reason. A reason that I find highly amusing even though it's mostly frustrating.

Our fridge at home sort of died on us in May. All I remember of that fateful day is my dear sister calling me up when I was still at work and passing me instructions from my mum and it went something like this: "Mum asks you not to buy any food home later because the fridge is spoilt.".

Trust me, I was like, "huh? Repeat that?".

I don't know why I found it so incomprehensible. Perhaps I was trying to remember if I had anything in the fridge that would go bad sans refridgeration.

No wait till you hear the next part. We did not get a new fridge immediately. Nope we did not. Dad even told us that we will now buy fresh food and cook it immediately like how everyone did it before humans invented fridge. Part of me wished it was said in jest.

The most amusing thing happened. Our fridge, or should I refer to it as a 'non-fridge' started behaving strangely. After dying on us, it started to work again, but this time, it was very weak. Then after that, it died again only to be revived soon after. When it came to life, only the freezer would work.

BUT the freezer couldn't freeze. It had lost its ability to freeze. It could only chill. So then my freezer became the fridge and can you imagine? We had to put our butter and cheese in the 'freezer' and sometimes I would open it and find the butter all soft and icky. It was horrible.

Maybe my parents couldn't bear to part with our beloved dead fridge. They bought it in 1985. Yes it's that old.

I haven't been able to make ice-cream, or bake or buy anything that needs to be refridgerated in a loooong while. I really wonder how people in those days survived without a fridge. You could say I'm more appreciative of this wonder invention. So anyway, a few days ago, I found out a new fridge was arriving and it was indeed a happy moment.

Yes, finally. A fridge with a freezer that freezes and makes ice-cubes possible. A power machine that enables me to keep my ice-cream cold and my butter chilled. A marvellous invention that preserves and extends the life of alot of edibles that would otherwise be growing green furry mould if left in the open.

May I present to you my new (and quite sparse-looking) Mitsubishi Electric fridge:

Yes it needs more life. It just arrived yesterday so I couldn't do much to liven it up. But it is sure lovely to know that I can finally keep my foods nice and cold.

I wanted to photograph our dead fridge but forgot. Anyhow, 'old fridge', R-I-P, whereever you are. It was good having you around.

Now, back to some proper baking and cooking!


red fir said...

ode to The Fridge! :)

haras- said...

hahahaha u're SO CUTE. :DDDD
and i like the sound of failcakes! it's like, cakes = happy yay food! but fail is like uh. you know, happy and sad? okay i'm not making much sense! hahaha

but i thk il stick w the current name for a while... (:

Anonymous said...

OMG IT LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE MINE. hahah. before my mother started loading it up with chocolates, of course.

Anonymous said...

Hey, my fridge is the same model as yours! What a coincidence! :-)

SIG said...

It won't be sparse-looking for long. Haha!

aforkfulofspaghetti said...

I completely sympathise. We've been without a kitchen for nearly 3 months - but at least we've had a functioning fridge/freezer during that time. I can't imagine how we would have coped otherwise.

Enjoy the new fridge/freezer - it looks like the business!

the baker said...

ice: haha yea I think my old fridge has gone to fridge heaven :) it served my family well!

haras: babe, you are so adorable. but cool name you chose by the way. but why red? purple's good too! haha

evelyn: that can't be a bad thing can it? i wish my mum would stock our fridge with chocolates everyday.

aromacookery: hey julia! really? way cooL! i'm liking the fridge. it's strong and cold..or maybe because it's new?

singairishgirl: totally! it now looks more like a proper fridge to me, with loads of stuff :D and now it's up to me to find time to cook and bake!

aforkfulofspaghetti: hey helen! ya i read about it on your blog.... 3 months with no kitchen is something... i know, a kitchen wouldn't be complete without a fridge! yes i'm liking this new fridge very much..! :)

Anonymous said...

you'll be pleased to know that i have this exact same fridge for 4+ years now and it's the best!

Anonymous said...

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