Sunday, December 16, 2007

Silkworm Pupa

Okay, I'm sure the majority of you readers would have gone "Eeewww" the moment you read the title of my post.

I'm sorry to subject you lovely people with something quite disgusting. But alas, you have an adventurous (hmmm or not? haha you'll understand later) foodie here who loves to try new things. Soooo....

Are you ready for something out of this world?

Allow me to apologise again and warn you first. hahaa I really don't want to spoil your appetite! Especially if you are eating your lunch/dinner or thinking of having some scrumptious something something later.


Maybe I'll go into the story first... and then show the photo.

I know it's not really as bad as it sounds, but really, it's something I couldn't bear to put in my mouth. Sis and I were at this Korean supermarket and saw that yellow can of silkworm pupa. It intrigued us to no end and we kept talking about how it'll be cool to play a prank on my bro. Well we love him to bits but we were simply too bored :p So don't think that we are a pair of evil sisters who plot pranks everyday.

We did buy the can but didn't play a prank on our brother. We just couldn't bear to. Or rather, I couldn't bear to. I mean, it stinks to high heavens! And it looked really gross. I wanted to try one but decided not to in the end.

and this was the reason why:




I know, the brave ones reading this will be going 'That's it? but that's nothing! I've had worse!'....

Haha.. but well I have this thing against creepy crawlies. I don't like insects and slimey things very much. I usually am not fussy about food and would eat anything that's edible...


that (the silkworm pupa)


gross insects.

Insect lovers out there, I'm sorry! I am just not a fan. So there you have it. You don't have to pose that "So what's the one thing you will never eat?" question to me ever again. You know the answer!

Please can someone tell me that Koreans don't actually eat that? I was like imagining them putting it in their kimchi soup... But then it just didn't make sense.

Whatever it is, I will never waste $2.50 (ya that's what it costed. haha) on something that gross ever again. :D

I promise my next post will be delicious and FAR from gross and disgusting!


dustmite said...

It didn't sound bad when u told me about it, but after seeing it... man, my stomach don't feel so good.

Jan-na said...

lol! these are quite popular korean snacks!! the street vendors sells it and we normally eat it with shoju!! Yes, I agree.. it smells quite bad..somewhat like those jap natto :)it is however packed full of protein though..haha...and did I say they had a slight crunchy exterior?! try one!!!

absolutjoiz said...

oh noooo...if it was dry and crisp I might have bought it to try for fun, but not when it's drenched in something liquid...eewww

Tracy said...

Those worms look absolutely awful. When I'm going to try to take off my extra holiday pounds, I may come back to look at the photo to lose my appetite.

Brian said...

I bought silkworm pupa today at HMart in Naperville. First time in the store and needless to say I am not afraid to try new foods. I was hoping to find a recipe or how to eat this item. Since I could not quickly find a recipe on the web I just opened the can and ate them room temp with some crackers. Taste was slightly nutty, smoky and mild -- not at all bitter. Texture was slightly crunchy on the outside and not gross in the middle. All in all I may buy them again as they are packed with protein and very low in fat. I paid $1.29 for a can. Too bad there are a lot of negative comments from those that have not even tried them.


Anonymous said...

I aggree with Brian, you shouldn't write bad about food You haven't even tried.
I tried them two times. I would describe the flavour and smell as: When you forget your cloths in the washing mashine for a week, and then open it you have an idea of the smell.
They are soft, absolutly not crunchy, and taste ugly. I rarely see korean people buy them, but they just eat them as they are.
Guess they have to have alot of Soju (20% alcohol mad of Rice) to get this down.
My whife a korean Lady doesn't like them, but offered me one with the argument they are good for health.
This is btw the big point of why Korean people eat them.
They are not enjoyable in any form.
In my opinion though :), try for yourself.

Irene said...

i've had these fresh in china before, sauteed with spices until they're crisp and savory. i had mixed feelings about them. on one hand i probably would never have eaten them if my uncle haven't pushed me (they looked too much like, well, larvae on the plate). on the other hand, once i got past the fact that these were bug eggs, they were quite tasty, very rich.

Michael said...

I know this was a couple of years back, but I just found it on a Google search. I had to tell you what a friend of mine heard in China, and I think it applies to Korea as well...

"Chinese people will eat anything on the land but cars, anything in the sea but ships, and anything in the air but planes."

I do programs on silk for schools, museums, etc., and I always display these cans as evidence that they really are eaten. I tried one - tasted just like bug.

Anonymous said...

I'm eating them at the moment, they're nice

Alexandra said...

I have a can of these on my pantry shelf. My boyfriend bought them because he's always curious about food. I found your site looking for a recipe. Now that I've seen the can open, and the little wormies looking at me - well, I'm not so sure he or I will eat one. I'm going to see if I can convince him! I might try drying them off and deep frying them, but I don't know! Anyhow, I think adventurousness when it comes to food is a great thing - even if you couldn't bring yourself to eat one! :)

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