Sunday, December 02, 2007

Red Bean An Pan

There's this secret mission I have. No, it's nothing grand and neither does it have anything to do with saving the world.

It's rather mundane actually! So mundane that you might just laugh once you read about it. Haha. hmmmm.....

You see, I love red bean. Not just red bean soup but anything to do with red bean. Whether is it red bean tang yuan (glutinous rice dumpling), red bean pan cake or red bean doriyaki, if you give it to me, I'd eat it.

But there's a problem.

Okay it's not really a problem, it's just that I have a preference. I don't like my red bean too sweet. There are some red bean paste out there that tastes like pure sugar and a cup of water isn't enough to get rid of that sickly sweet aftertaste.

And so, everytime I go into a bakery, I look out for an pan (bun with a filling) with red bean filling. I believe the Japanese calls it anko.

Somehow I get disappointed over and over again because the filling is either too sweet or too meagre! I'm sure you know would know what I mean.

It's sad to bite into a bun with much anticipation, only to find out that less than half is filled with red bean paste. Worse - there's a hollow area that has nothing.

But let's not lose hope because I think my patience has paid off. I'm not sure if I've blogged about Sun Moulin before but I really love their breads and pastries.

Located at Istean Orchard Supermarket, this bakery has the best offerings.

And check this out:

That's alot of red bean paste! Best yet, it's the kind with the red bean skin still on. I love it.

This is by far one of the best red bean buns I've eaten.

Everytime I walk past the bakery I will always check if they have it.

Mmmmm.... until I find a better red bean bun, this one is going to stay in my mental list of best foods! Go try it ya'll... especially if you love red bean like me.


Anonymous said...

i love anpans too! u might wanna try the one from Petite Provence at The Central. The red bean's literally melt in ur mouth though it can definitely do with less sugar. And theres an interesting texture to the bun too!

Anonymous said...

ooooh myyyyyyyyyyyy goshhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

im a red bean lover too~ love it with WAFFLES!

mr bean pancake has the kind of red bean paste i like too.. with skins still on! :D

the [hptp makes me drool!!!

Anonymous said...

i meant the photo.. lol

zhengning said...

WAH. The redbean seems generous! Haha. The picture looks so tempting already!

Anonymous said...

I love the red bean an pan from Sun Moulin too! I recall eating a flatter version of the bread though.

JT said...

I like red bean buns from this stall at Serangoon Gardens market. It is more on the sweet side though but it is served warm and is filled with red bean :)

Anonymous said...

I love redbean and the best anpan I have ever tried is from Provence bakery in Holland Village. They make two types of anpan, one where the red bean has skin and another without. They are even more generous with the filling than Sun Moulin and the bread is light and fluffy. Fantastic!

Monique said...

How about making your own? Then you can be sure it's perfect. And you're such a good baker, I don't think it would be too hard of a task for you!

Jenna said...

YOU HAVE MY ENVY. NEVER BEFORE HAVE I SEEN SO MUCH BEAN PASTE FILLING IN AN AN PAN. (Please excuse the caps, but azuki bean is my favorite flavor. xD) I had a problem with the sweetness too, but it's nothing, really, compared to chocolate.

Seriously. The bakers here are so stingy. The most I have had was only half that much filling, and that is what I considered "generous." I've experienced some bread that barely have any filling and I almost miss it.

I also prefer tsubushian over koshian.

I want to go to Singapore~~. =)

Anonymous said...

the best is from PROVENCE BAKERY @ Holland. no fight joe

Unknown said...

OMG, i love red bean too!i'm a crazy red bean fan!i can eat almost everything with red bean and all the time too! whenever i buy bread, red bean filling ones will always be my pick. And..i only like red bean when i can see the skin on..yes, just like japanese kind with the skin on..Cheers to red bean fans!

Chunnie said...

There is a japanese bakery shop called Mama Bakery at Square 2 (Novena) that serves v nice red bean buns too, esp the red bean with walnut bread. Try it! It's goooooodddd.

celesteee said...

yea! the an pan at mama bakery is fantastic! i always crave for that whenever i come back to spore during my vacation breaks. be sure to try their cranberry chocolate scones

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