Saturday, October 06, 2007

Something green, white & yellow

Cocoa & Butterscotch's recent project was very green, white, and yellow.

Our sweet customer wanted to surprise her parents with a lovely garden themed cupcake tier & lemon-y cupcakes for their anniversary this week.

We almost couldn't meet the request because of my busy school week and Dot's tight schedule at work but I'm really glad I said yes. I mean, how could I turn down such a sweet request?

So in the end, it all panned out nicely. The tier turned out amazing. Check out the 'grass' Dot used for the tiers and the summer flowers, together with matching ribbons and details.

I really love the tier. To be honest, I wish I could keep it for myself. haha....

Don't you think it's beautiful?

And cupcake tiers need to be filled with cupcakes no?

So I baked some... And my customer's parents like lemon-y stuff so she asked for lemon cupcakes. I gave her lemon cupcakes filled with lemon curd and frosted with lemon buttercream. She wanted some flower decor so I got some white icing flowers to go with the yellow buttercream.

I don't know about you, but I am not a huge fan of large amounts of icing. I know it looks beautiful, to see so much colour on top of these little cakes... but really, who eats so much icing? That's why I always use just enough.... and my frosting's not really sweet - just nice to get that flavour. I added lemon zest and lemon juice to this one. Came out yum :)

Okay, I know you're wondering if I made those flowers. I'd love to say I did but I'd be a big fat liar... So there you go, I bought them. :)

Aren't they lovely?

I don't think anyone can bear to eat it. I know I wouldn't. I'd just keep them forever... My sister thought it was clay though!

Ah... am pretty happy with this garden themed project.

That's the beauty of custom-made tiers, you decide what the theme is, the colours and how you want the entire feel to be. You choose, and Cocoa & Butterscotch makes it for you. It's as simple as that!

I hope my customer & her parents + family enjoyed the cupcakes & liked the tier as much as I did.

Enjoy the weekend ya'll!


Jessica said...

Wow! Gorgeous settings. Delicious looking too!

singairishgirl said...

Woah... gorgeous! Lovely tiers. Great job!

net said...

Wow!It looks amazing! Very professional! How did the icing rose taste like, by the way? It really looks a little like clay =)

Anonymous said...


Wow! That's a really really beautiful tier. dot is super creative. And your cupcakes are like tiny bursts of lemony sunshine. btw im from nus fass as well so i know how busy this past 2 weeks are, and yet you managed to produce such a pretty thing. where do you get the lil white roses? your blog never fails to put a amile on my face.

Monique said...

This sure is a special request and well done too! So pretty.

the baker said...

jessica: thanks!

singairishgirl: heya, thanks... Dot is indeed talented! :)

net: i'm sorry but i can't answer that because I haven't tried the flowers! they're too pretty! yes they really do look like clay...

anon: yea tell me about it, it was a mad rush, but well worth the time! oh i bought them from Phoon Huat. :) awww you're too kind!

monique: yea we usually ask our customers what look & feel they're going for and customise it according to their liking. yea it is pretty isn't it! :)

Anonymous said...

hi, just wondering how much you charge for something like that and how far in advance should pple give you notice for?

Anonymous said...

where did you buy the roses...its really beautiful...

the baker said...

I bought the roses from Phoon Huat.

Those interested in ordering tiers & cupcakes for me, please email me ( :) thanks!

Jim said...

As usual, your tiers look good enough to eat, and your cupcakes look sublime!

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