Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Now the KitchenAid rests...

It's 3:05pm on a Sunday dated 22 July and two girls were having lunch at MOS Burger @ Compass Point. Suddenly, one of them looks at the other and suddenly two smiles just broke out.

"We did it!"

Yes we did it. We baked for two whole weeks and packaged God knows how many cupcakes, muffins & cookies. I smelt like cookies and cupcakes for most of the two weeks. And I do think the butter has seeped into my pores. Maybe that's why I feel heavier! This is what happens when you don't have time for lunch and simply feast on your own cupcakes and cookies. Trust me, the smell just calls out to me. But it's okay, I have time to go back to my usual running regime. hahaha....

So how does it feel? Good actually. Both Dot and I are satisfied with the bake sale and we're glad we did it. Honestly, without her help, and constant push I probably wouldn't have lasted the two weeks. I've had two previous bakesales both of which was a solo stint. Now that I have my dear Butterscotch, it's so much more fun. She's not just my lovely assistant but my cheerleader of a friend. I couldn't have asked for a better partner. When it comes to baking, lots of patience is needed! Especially since there's the oven there and you know how edgy people get when it's hot. I know I do. I admit there were times where I just felt agitated for no rhyme or reason. And when that happens, it's good that the people around you understand and remind you of why you're doing this.

This July Bake Sale was Cocoa & Butterscotch's first venture and trust me, there'll be lots more good things to come. In the mean time, I have one small favour to ask of those who bought our baked stuff:

If you're free, drop a comment or email us personally at cocoabutterscotch@gmail.com to tell us what you thought of our cookies, cupcakes, muffins & lemon curd. Feedback is always good! oh yes, and you can always tell us what you like (or not) about the packaging too!

Oh, and THANK YOU for all your support. It was a great pleasure meeting you personally. I'm sorry I couldn't meet you all - but that means you've met Dot :) (that's in case you were wondering). Yea, sometimes when you bake, the oven doesn't have a pause button!

There you have it, a closing post to end our July Bake Sale.

Though we are currently not taking any more orders, we welcome customised orders (ie. weddings) and we're still selling our lemon curd but at a smaller scale - $10 per small bottle.

Take care ya'll and have a fantastic week!


catherine said...

hey there ! (:

your bakes are really really awesome !! anyway, my friends and i are organizing a charity concert-cum-competition at The Arena on 25th august (sat) to raise funds for the children's cancer foundation and were wondering if you could sponsor the event with some of your delectable foods, just as refreshments for the audience?

do feel free to contact me at laiyanlingcatherine@hotmail.com!

looking forward to a favourable reply ! (:


rose said...

I have found index with some guidebooks and would like to share. There are interesting ideas for cooking, recipes, home care, etc. Get it and enjoy :o)

Jim said...

MOSBurger? Wait a minnit, are you ladies operating outta Japan?

the baker said...

Jim, we have a MOSBurger here in Singapore :) but i do wish i was in Japan right now...then i can eat authentic omurice, hayashi rice, sushi etc. hahaha

Anonymous said...

Hi, your cookies look so nice. Do you sell?

the baker said...

hi anon, my bakesale just ended though. but you can email me personally and I'll see if I can fit in your order :)

mimosa.shy said...

Hi Cheryl, thank you for the wonderful Nutella muffins ; I loved the packaging with the chic and simply lovely labels; even now, 2 weeks after my purchase, I am still in love with the deliciously chocolately aroma ..I shared my muffins with my family and colleagues and they loved it. Thank you to you two ladies, for the love that went into the baking and organising ..am looking forward to your next sale .. :)

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