Tuesday, July 17, 2007

bleu & jaune

One week of baking and i'm really feeling it.

and there's still one more week to go!

i'm a perpetual cookie/cupcake scented girl - seriously.

it's getting to me. i haven't had time to run or do much. when i'm not baking, i'm resting. when i'm not doing anything, i'm baking. it's just me, the Brandt oven, a cool white trusty KitchenAid, my two capable hands and Dot.

thank God it's only two weeks.

yea ya, you're wondering, Cheryl! if you cannot 'tahan' (malay for endure) two weeks, how are you going to become an actual pastry chef!

hmmm. good observation.

answer: i don't know!

i'm just taking it as it comes. maybe it's because i don't have industrial-sized equipment. imagine how smoothsailing everything would be if i had huge ovens and huge mixers!?

anyhow, enough day-dreaming. this bakesale, i've sold 3 jars of lemon curd. wonder why it isn't popular. you should taste some. trust me, once you've had a teaspoonful, you'd want an entire jar. try it with some vanilla ice-cream - the result is phenomenal!

Cocoa & Butterscotch do love our blueberries and lemons!

Bleu & Jaune - enchanting both of them!

Do visit our official site: Cocoa & Butterscotch for some beautiful wallpapers designed by Butterscotch (D0t).

Here's a montage of what i mean:

looks untidy here but you should check them all out!


we.eat.to.live said...

love the threaded ribbons, and the whole packaging... nice job(:

thisisnaive said...

Pretty wallpapers! And lemon curd tart is one of my most favourite things to eat.

Jim said...

Ah, permanently smelling of cookies and cakes...a fate worse than death, that...

Mahek said...

those are great looking cookies and the jars do you present them in this manner, Thats great !!!!!

CĂ©lia said...

I like very mucht your blog.

Anonymous said...

hey hey
Where do you get those jars from? I'm looking for something like those to store my own cookies(:

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