Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sweet Stone Parad'Ice

Waffles fall into the type of food category that hardly anyone gets bored of.

It carries a smell of nostalgia that most people would love to recall. I'm one of them.

Though in my household, waffles didn't make a regular appearance, it brings warmth when I think of them hot and fresh out of the waffle iron.

I'm like that. I have a thing for smells especially that associated to butter. I think butter is really God's miracle creation.

That unforgettable thick and creamy rich aromatic whiff that sinks in as you bite into a waffle or a butter cake or even in a bread and butter pudding. Sometimes, I think it's better than chocolate. sometimes :)

So anyway, I like waffles and I like them crisp on the outside, chewy on the inside and I think I've just found one particular one I really dig. They were featured recently in the Lifestyle section of The Sunday Times. I visited them a while ago but didn't have time to post about it. But I shall, now. Because I think I have to share my wonderful experience with you!

Located at Golden Mile Food Centre at Beach Road, this cosy little stall is tucked in between a Western food stall and another hmm stall which I cannot remember! I think drink stall. Heh. I chanced upon it by accident and I think they've only been opened for 3 months.

Sweet Stone Parad'ice they're called and they sell Belgian 'Liege' waffles with chocolate dips, gelato and chocolate fondue. Here's a snapshot of their waffles dipped in rich chocolate:

It was phenomenal! I fell in love with their waffles and theirs are the kinds that lingers in your memory even after you've left the place.

I tried their coffee and super lemon gelato:

I'd have to be honest and say that their gelato are pretty ordinary. Well I liked the lemon one because it was really citrus-y and sour. Though I heard comments from other customers who had trouble eating it because it was too sour for their tastebuds. Heh. But there was another gelato flavour - Speculoos I think. Yes, I totally loved that. It's a flavour derived from a spice biscuit. I think it's German or Dutch. Can't remember.

The store is owned by two gentlemen who decided to be entrepreneurial and just go with this idea and guess what? It worked really well and they now have a loyalty programme. How cool is that?

I think they should start selling hot chocolate next :)

If you love waffles as much as me, please do head down and have a taste for yourself.


Sweet Stone Parad'ice
#01-67/76 Golden Mile Food Centre
505 Beach Road
Opens: 11:30am to 9:30pm, Closed on Mondays and Wednesdays.


Anonymous said...

I like belgium waffles! The last one i had was at a japanese fair at taka. Where they have custard cream or jam as toppings. Woo.. shiok.

Thanks for the recommendation. Will definitely head down to Golden Mile soon. =)

:: Pastry Girl :: said...

hey! yummy right cheryl? I headed there when it was opened soon after.. the waffles was not too bad just that it was a little bit cold. But it was a good treat by a friend. :)

Unknown said...

Waffles are my favourite too. I think we a lot in common. I love the smell of freshly baked bread, cakes, cookies and whatever that's made out of the golden and calories-laden cubes of butter. Mmm~I dont mind my body shampoo to smell like butter, though *giggle*

Unknown said...

i am imagining waffles with all the holes all stuff with different flavours ice cream, then the whole thingy dipped in chocolate and stuffed into the freezer.

it would be great right? you taste peanut butter on one side, then black sesame on another bite.

hehe.. I think I am on an ice cream mood.... we did that in haato the other day. we filled up the waffles with all the diff ice cream flavours.

Anonymous said...

i love waffles...was thinking of trying it out this or next weekend..

btw, i tried the nutella cupcake receipe and I simply love them..
can the end products at my blog: http://360.yahoo.com/kazataza1

koume said...

It's a Thai-Chinese store on the left. HahA! I love their waffles! Walk over there during lunch once in a while...

Jeanne said...

Mmmmm, that waffle pic is too gorgeous! I found out this weekend in Brussels that there is a difference between Liege and Brussels waffles. The choc ones you see at street vendors are the Liege variety. The Bruxellois one a friend had at a restaurant was topped with ice cream and marmalade-ish citrus preserve and... topped with flaming alcohol! Very spectacular...

Sarah said...

Speculoos is dutch :) It's basically hard gingerbread. They and the Belgians eat it mostly during the Sinterklaas holiday (St Nick) and the Lotus variety are the best.

from a Belgian

(who eats 5 liege waffles eeeeveryday :P)

Anonymous said...

Good Job! :)

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