Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dad's Cedele Birthday Cake!

Dad turned 58 last Sunday and what better way to celebrate than with a cake from my favourite bakery depot!

Stop rolling your eyes! I can see you... I know what you're thinking. haha. It was indeed a good excuse to buy an entire cake from Cedele. Bro and I thought it'll be a nice gesture + I convinced him that the cake was delish!

Since I've been eating so much of their chocolate cakes, I told my bro to get the Carrot Walnut Cake. At $48, it was fairly reasonable, seeing how big the cake was!

That's why I love Cedele! Their cakes are huge and full of good stuff. Check out the carrots and walnuts man...

Everyone loved it. I think Dad liked it. Well he doesn't have much of a sweet tooth but he did have a slice! I totally dig the walnuts by the side. This is by far my most favourite carrot cake. I don't think I've tasted any better.

Speaking of cakes, I've also tried this other cake place at Katong but that's for another post.

Today, it's all about Dad's Cedele Birthday Cake! Thank you Cedele for baking such glorious cakes. I know for sure, that my birthday cake will be a Cedele too.

Or.. hahaha, anyone thinking what cake to get me for my birthday (coming soon. hahahaha :p) can get me a Cedele! Gosh, how thick can my skin get?

Nah, I'm simply kidding. I might be baking my own cake this year. Speaking of which, Cocoa & Butterscotch has something up our sleeves to celebrate our birthdays, but that's under wraps, for now!

Oh and Dad, if you're reading this (hopefully!), Happy Birthday once again! I love you! You're such an amazing cook and I wanna learn how to cook all those delicious Peranakan dishes! :)

Till next time, have a rocking yummy day ya'll!


Anonymous said...

Walnut cake... does it taste good with the big chunks? I usually see almond slices put on the outside...hehehe!

Monique said...

Yummy! This cake does look good, and just like you, I'd be taking all the walnuts on the side too! =P
Funny thing, I just posted a Carrot Cake on my blog too.

Jim said...

Even after condemning expensive wedding cakes, I'm consumed by desire to get one of these things. That's the yummiest-looking carrot cake I've ever SEEN.

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