Saturday, January 27, 2007


How do you like your waffles?

I like mine crisp on the outside and a little moist on the inside.

There's a particular quality about waffles that I find most attractive. I suppose it's the light aroma that gets to me. You know, when you use a waffle iron and while the batter is cooking, there's this lovely 'baked' smell that materialises. I dig that! Heh, when it comes to food, smell is very important. I have a habit of smelling food. Shhh... don't tell anyone else :p

How a food tastes and smells affects then entire meal and I'm just glad that I have quite a good nose for food. Put it this way, I can guess foods that are cooking just by its scent. Sounds weird doesn't it? Haha... anyway back to waffles.

I've been selling waffles at Amplify's Eden Lounge for the past weeks and found them really easy to make. I want to share this fool-proof recipe which I got from one of my aunts. Feel free to tweak it where you see fit and multiply the recipe accordingly to yield more waffles.


100g flour
100ml milk
1 egg
1 tsp sugar
2 tbsp oil

Beat egg and mix it with the milk.
Sift flour, add sugar and combine with the egg-milk mixture.
Mix well and add oil. Mix until smooth and cook with a waffle iron.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the many recipes in your blog! Now to find time and energy. :) For waffles, I really enjoy the ones by Prima Deli. The texture is just right!

Anonymous said...

thanks for this simple recipe...will definitely try it someday.
Can make ahead at night, then bake in the morning??

Anonymous said...

Try separating the eggs. Beat the egg whites till stiff n fold into the egg yolk batter. The waffle is crisper and lighter in texture. This method is by the late Ellise Hardy from Female Magazine, Singapore. Her recipes are definitely a keeper.

Anonymous said...

hi, do you know where can i purchase peanut butter chips for baking in Singapore?

superfinefeline said...

Thanks for the yummy recipe!!! Thanks anonymous too for the tip!!! :)

Anonymous said...

finally I have found a true waffle recipe, looking for something similar like Marche.

check out delicious chocolate and snacks updates

jle said...

I love waffles. And you can find waffles at Delifrance bistro outlets, San Francisco Steakhouse@Suria KLCC, The Westin Hotel KL, Hilton KL, Le Meridien KL, Seri Pacific KL, Mines Palace Beach & Spa, Cyberview Lodge Resort, Palm Garden @ Putrajaya, Neway Karaoke Box Puchong & Subang, Seri Angkasa @ KL Tower.

PUTding said...

Thanks for the awesome recipe, i myself am a waffles addict too and i totally agree with you on the baked-smell part!
it's awesome!


bell said...

Your waffles look good to eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just bought a waffle iron and trying out those waffle ready mix. The taste is good but the look looks awful. Going to try your receipt, and hope it will turns out good. Thanks.

Helmer Aslaksen said...


I have two questions about waffles.

1. I used to think that European waffles were the best, but after coming to Singapore, I have fallen in love with pandan/coconut waffles. I have found some recipes online, but they haven't worked out well for me. They come out too dry.

Do you have any good panda/coconut waffle recipes?

2. Somebody suggested separating the eggs and whipping the egg white. I've tried that, but I'm not sure if I'm doing it right. I know how to fold egg whites into a thick cake batter that is going to bake for a long time in the oven. But how do I fold egg whites into a thin waffle batter without creating lots of thick lumps? I could stir hard to smash the lumps, but that is not folding, and defeats the whole point of trying to get air into the batter.


PrettyLady said...

Can anybody advise me
where to buy
a waffle machine, the one shown in this blog with a heart shape.

Please email

Anonymous said...

Are you using self raising flour as I don't see any other rising agents used in this recipe? MH

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