Sunday, June 29, 2008

Red Date Honey Tea

I like red dates. I like the natural sweetness, the reddish skin that breaks as I bite into it and the satisfaction of spitting out a clean kernel. Yes, I get a kick out of it. It's a mission I always try to accomplish. Waste not, want not. Every date is precious. ha.

These dates are used often in Chinese soups/desserts/medicines. It's not surprising, considering their health properties. These dates are known to nourish one's blood, calm the mind, aiding in digestion too. But I have to say, I hardly eat dates. The only time I consume them is when I have cheng tng, or those cold white fungus dessert. These two Chinese desserts always have dates in them, well most of the time. It is always a nice surprise to find those with the kernels taken out, making it easier to enjoy the sweet flesh in all its entirety.

So what's the deal about dates now? I guess it's all about curiousity and a keen sense of adventure. Okay maybe not so much adventure.

You know how much I love to try foods in various forms and flavours! So I was naturally eager to try out this red date honey tea I chanced upon at the Korean supermart near my workplace:

Granted there is no tea in it, it makes a refreshing drink.

The best thing is that it really does taste like red dates. Yes, I know that's a given but I think sometimes I feel silly when things I buy end up tasting nothing like what the label says. So I always always look at the ingredient list:

I was confident when I bought this bottle because the first ingredient in the list was red date juice, followed by red date pulp, which was quite evident especially since the bottle was transparent. Check out the abundant red date pieces:

This was a good buy. It wasn't really cheap. I think it was $8.50. But it was worth it. I drink it whenever I need a pick-me-up.

The best part is biting into the red date pieces as you enjoy the drink. You can drink it warm or cold, it's really up to you. I personally like it cold. But the honey tends to be a bit thick and jelly-like, so do dissolve it in hot water first before pouring cold water and ice.

Since I'm at it, with spoon shots, might as well show you my most favourite utensil in the world:

The Spork. It's by this Swedish company called Light My Fire. I bought a cool Light My Fire triangular lunchbox that came with a cool Spork. You can buy a Spork itself for SGD$3.95. If you are living in Singapore and would love to get your hands on one, go to Robinsons. I found it at the Raffles City outlet. More on Sporks and Light My Fire in another post!


Anonymous said...

hi, where can i go to purchase this red dates drink? thanks! (:

Anonymous said...

Wow.. Your pictures really showed up very nice and makes your food looks really good ! Lots to read and learn !!! THANKS !!

aforkfulofspaghetti said...

I like the sound of that. I've never heard of or come across red dates.

Anonymous said...

Good Job! :)

hellaD said...

Awesome, I want some and I want that spork, one of the coolest I have ever seen. Really interesting article too, thanks for sharing - I've linked to this article I liked it so much!

Anonymous said...

Where can I purchase these wonderful red dates?

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