Monday, August 21, 2006

Marks & Spencers' Dark Chocolate Ginger Biscuits

Marks and Spencers food section

I can't seem to get away from Marks & Spencers'. Everytime I'm near one of their outlets, I just have to enter.

It doesn't take much for one to guess why.

Hats off to the store designer, their product designers and whoever who's involved with the branding of Marks & Spencers'.

Indeed, I have an affinity for this UK store.

I'm not sure when they came to Singapore, but as far as I remember, it was around even when I was a kid. Mum always bought their almond biscuits (they're so fragrant and crumbly!) and rich tea biscuits.

Ask me what I think of their chain of outlets and I'll tell you that it's simply their clean, homely, not too over-the-top design/feel. Entering Marks & Spencers' is like entering a quaint clean and tidy home where there's no pretenses.

Boy do I love the simple shelves they use:

Marks and Spencers Paragon

Check out the way they organise their products. I love it. It's so easy to find anything you're looking for.

And I totally dig their product packaging:

dark choc ginger biscuits

Less is more they say and I couldn't agree more! Speaking of which, let me digress a little and rave about these dark chocolate ginger biscuits.

Was browsing around (as usual) and these biscuits caught my eye. It's dark chocolate coated ginger biscuits, mind you! Two of my favourite ingredients. Okay, yes I do love dark chocolate more, but I am quite a fan of ginger.

So anyways, I bought home a box and slowly ate my way through it, sharing some with my dearest sis and those at home of course.

There were even pieces of ginger in the biscuits:

crossection dark choc ginger biscuits

Ah... I really love it whenever I step into Marks & Spencers' and pick out something that automatically becomes my favourite. So far, nothing I've tried from their store has disappointed me.

True enough, you might think me bias, but hey, to each his own, no? Haha... I am so in love with Marks & Spencers' and I do miss their huge store in the UK. I've only visited London once and I can still remember going to one of their large outlets and simply staring with my mouth agape and almost drooling at everything they had to offer. Trust me, it's a lot more than what they have here.

I guess right now, I'll just have to make do with the selection here! Which isn't too bad actually. :)


:: Pastry Girl :: said...

hey! This is exactly what i wanted to pass ya for yr belated bday gift! In the end i shared them with my friend on the way to batam and we finished half the pack!

They taste so good for us to resist..hee..

irresistible ivy said...

tts the centerpoint marks and spencer's right? was there on sat n i so rmb tt pic of the food section entrance..haha..anw wat i bought was ur prev recommendation- the dark chocolate digestives! =) im totally addicted! =unfortunately, ginger is not my thing so i'll give this dark choc ginger biscuits a pass..

Anonymous said...

They have the best Earl Grey tea in town, but I miss their bacon rind snacks though.

Anonymous said...

my sentiments exactly! they have such lovely, understated yet elegant packaging...

love their uk stores esp, given the wide range of fresh/baked goods... yummy. it's great to have their packaged food on the run there...

Unknown said...

Ya, Cheryl, the UK stores are like huge supermarkets, from freshly baked muffins to sandwiches. But the local stores can at least satisfy your craving for chocolates and ginger biscuits? ;p

Anonymous said...

Hahhaa me tooo! I just have to enter whenever I see a M&S nearby! their tea cakes!

Jen said...

this place looks like foodie heaven!

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