Saturday, September 10, 2005

Charlene's Birthday Bash @ Miss Clarity Cafe

Me eat Ballotine
me and my ballotine ... chomp chomp chomp

I told ya.

I warned ya didn't I? About how I just can't keep away from my most favourite cafe.

For those who are sick and tired of hearing me rave about Clarity Cafe; I'm sorry but I hope you understand! Besides, I would never want anyone to miss out on anything this good.

Yes, that's me in that funny looking picture, devouring my chicken ballotine. I might sound like a really boring person now eh? Going back to the same place, eating the same food again and again.

Allow me to defend myself.

This time, I had many others to share in my love for the food at Miss Clarity Cafe:

Jules and Char – Attack of The Ballotine

Now now, can you see dear Jules and Char attacking the ballotine?

Not convinced yet? Check this out:

Chix Ballotine at Clarity Cafe
the one and only ballotine

Well, there was a valid reason why I was back at the cafe again.

Us Amplifiers (people form the Amplify ministry) were celebrating the birthday of our dear friend, someone who goes by the name of Charlene a.k.a. Char.

This time, I shall allow you to continue drooling over your keyboard and not interrupt... enjoy!

Clarity Café’s Burger
Miss Clarity Cafe's Burger special

Pork Piacatta
Pork Piacatta - with fruit compote and parmesan layer

Chix Gordon Bleu
Chicken Gordon Bleu

Dory Fillet
Breaded Dory Fillet

Hmmm and for those who are curious just how many people were there; here's an idea:

Amplify Peeps at Miss Clarity Cafe

You saw right, we filled up about 3/4 of the place! My goodness, this is the second time we had a birthday celebration here. I do think that this will be a 'ritual' from now on. Wait till Mel has her birthday this coming october! hahaa...

anywayz, Happy Belated Birthday Char! Stay pretty and young always. You go girl!

Girl power rules... can i hear all the girls shout out an 'aye'? :)

I do adore every single person in this lovely ministry which goes by the name of Amplify. I don't know what I'd do without these cool babes! Here's some of us:

Babes if Amplify
Bottom row (left to right): Jules, Char, Me, Joel
Top row (left to right): Thelma, Daphne, Lydia, Dot, Mel, Sylvia

Like I always believe... Good food is best enjoyed with people you love and adore. Love ya all!

PS. Dear readers, I am glad that most of you actually went down to the cafe after reading my posts about the place. I am sure you all enjoyed the food thoroughly. It's really nice to be able to share something nice with the rest of my fellow countrymen. haha. anyway I do frequent the place alot, so if you ever see me, do come up to say hi! I actually met one of you while I was here today. I think your name was Jane. It was lovely meeting you!

And oh yes, people, you know all the good food you've savoured and seen pictured in these posts on Clarity Cafe? It's all cooked by Jonanthan, the extremely gifted chef. Amazing huh? Bravo I say. I really don't know how he manages, especially with the sudden surge in avid fans like me.

food is more than just the sum of all ingredients i would conclude. it includes passion, drive, skill, emotions and patience. i am evermore so inspired to start up my own bakery in the future. That reminds me, I haven't baked since I started Uni. That's very sad. I will have to make up for it real soon... oven, watch out for me...


Anonymous said...

i didn't know you we're such a good photographer... the pictures look to good to be true...

so delish!


Puz said...

hey, thanks for recommending this place, will definitely visit it soon. can i ask if it's vegetarian-friendly? cos your pics show all meat dishes ;)

Anonymous said...

i went there today. And the food definitely has lived up to its reputation. I had the set meal. so worth it. 8.80 - soup of the day, main course( ballotine) and dessert of the day ( b&b pudding) and a drink. STUFFED!!

Anonymous said...

Wow that food looks fantastic! I will have to stop over in Singapore at some stage.

joone! said...

hey cheryl, your (too) frequent visits to ms. clarity is becoming more of an obsession! Anyhow, I did make it down there, but I was a little disappointed with the food, but i think i might venture back some time to try to ballotine, since you have had it again and again and again. :)

Anonymous said...

after reading so much abt ms clarity cafe. went there today. oooo yummy.... ordered the mix grill set and fren ordered the sirlion. love it...

the food pix on your bloggie made us think it was a grand place. we were like, hmmm this place so kiddo, sure they dun serve us fast food?

the food was good. will definitely go there again ;-)

Anonymous said...

the food sure looks awesome....may i know where exactly is this cafe??

the baker said...

it's actually at 5 Purvis Street, #01-04. Tel: 6339-4803

it's down the lane directly opposite the new National Library at Bras Basah

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