Saturday, March 01, 2008

Veggie Soup Mix

I love colours. I'm a colourful person. I think colours make the world go round. I heard that dogs don't have colour vision, that their world is black and white.

I cannot imagine living in my world in black and white. There won't be enough omph! Haha... or perhaps it's just my need for vibrancy.

I know my previous post was also about colour, or the lack thereof? Well black's also a colour ain't it? Black's good but hey, colours rock my world as well. So likewise, I'm attracted to colourful foods. Think fuschia pink dragon fruit, deep orange mangoes, golden kiwis... The list continues on.

One of my 'obsessions' is food hunting - nothing you don't already know. I can spend hours at the supermarket scouring every shelf for new and exciting foods and ingredients.

Bob's Red Mill is one of my favourite brands and I love checking out their nutritious and healthy offerings. I like their 10-grain hot cereal, it's really packed with good stuff.

Lately I've been eating their Veggie Soup Mix. It's perfect for days when you have nothing edible at home or are just too lazy to cook.

All you do is to put some in a pot with water, give it a boil and ta-dah - a nutritious delightful soup. Okay it's not really your typical soup. It's more like a grains and lentils soup. These colourful 'beads-like' bits look simple but hey, they pack a punch:

Maybe I am a health freak or maybe I just like to know that I am feeding my body well. But then again, I do like to indulge in my desserts. Which reminds me, I have a great lemon poppy seed cake recipe to share with you all. I'll post it up soon. Till then!


Anonymous said...

That looks great. You don't have to add any salt or flavoring?

Anonymous said...

hello, i love reading your blog :)

where can I find this Soup Mix product?

Also, i'm just wondering if the black sesame spread is still around..I was at Taka yesterday, and I couldn't seem to find it!

Thanks! :)


ting said...


i've been reading your blog for quite some time :)

i'll try this vege mix soup soon! looks really nutritious.

i've made a link to your blog! my food blog is about a few months old ;)


JeromeFo- 杰龙 said...

Wow...reading your blog really
can feel that you are 'Pro'
Nice way of expressing your idea.

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