Sunday, January 20, 2008

Le Wai Tian Seafood

Deep-fried belly pork

The one thing I truly treasure about the food culture in Singapore is its common-place tze char stall.

There's just something that's so appealing about dining al fresco, facing the humid weather headon, sweating it out with your fellow dining partners. You tuck in unabashed, using your fingers earnestly trying to get the most out of that chicken wing or crab. Best yet - the prices are much cheaper than those in posh air-conditioned restaurants.

At tze char stalls, the food speaks for itself. There ain't no ambience to compensate for taste so the chefs had better get their food right, or face a very grouchy customer.

And speaking of tze char, I had the pleasure of tucking into one of the best tze char food I've tasted. Located at Changi Road, Le Wai Tian Seafood is a nondescript outfit tucked in a plain looking coffeeshop. Had the Makansutra Forum not organise a makan session there, I wouldn't have discovered this delicious gem. Boy am I glad I went for the dinner.

I had lots of fun and laughs to go along with the satisfying dinner. Most people at the table I sat were familiar faces like The Skinny Epicurean, The Hungry Cow, and Superfine Feline. I really enjoyed myself that night. Of course the scrumptious food played a big part too! Check out the photos:

Fish maw crab meat soup

Prawn paste chicken

Curry Fish head

Ooo I love the way this place does it. It's not overtly curry-like in flavour. Very aromatic and tasty, the gravy is thick and not very spicy. There's dried shrimps too. Great to drown your rice in.

Deep-fried pig trotters in herbal sauce

Was surprised that I actually enjoyed this. I seldom eat pig trotters and I don't have a very good impression of them, don't ask me why. But this one, mmmm the meat was tender and tasty - went well with the herbal sauce.

Black pepper crab

I think this was the highlight. The crabs were big and full of flesh. Totally loved the sauce and I stole some crab roe.

Sambal vegetable (i forgot which veg! it's related to dou miao i heard)

Dark Hokkien Mee

A great noodle dish. I think it's cooked over a charcoal stove. It could be true, seeing how it really tastes a bit smoky. I like!

Deep-fried ice cream

Seemed like they wrapped the ice cream with bread before frying. I like that it didn't feel oily. Perhaps I should try making some myself.


This horfun, together with the following two fried rice, we ordered a la carte. Well our table just has a bigger appetite I guess!

Yangzhou Fried Rice

Salted fish fried rice

Their fried rice is really good. I wouldn't mind going back just for the fried rice. The Yangzhou one is good. The hor fun is pretty normal though.

Would definitely bring my family there some time. Le Wai Tian is my current favourite tze char place now :)


Le Wai Tian Seafood
324T Changi Road
(it's between Kembangan & Eunos station, about 10-15 minutes walk from Kembangan)


Anonymous said...

I think that vegetable is spinach. Correct me if I'm wrong. Haha. It does remind me of spinach.. Somehow. With a soft and subtle crunch to it but essentially melts in your mouth.

daphne said...

that's a great find! and how did you manage to get such crisp clear photos in a kopitnam is beyond me. =)

The Hungry Cow said...

U beat the rest of us to posting! Haha. Nice meeting you again.

SIG said...

Wow, looks great, everything that is! I love the prawn paste chicken, hokkien mee, hor fun, yangchow fried rice, veg. Yum yum. Everything lah hehe, except the pork. I don't like pork.

The veg looks like dou miao. But I think it's di wang cai if not wrong. It's got a little sticky centre.

Miss Tam Chiak said...

i have heard good reviews abt le wai tian too, but im staying in the north and its too far from mi. so sad! :(

but nice photos! u make mi hungry!

Anonymous said...

Those food looks delicious, but v sinful, eat le... muz run a lot... haha, and expensive hor... Esp black pepper crab...

Unknown said...

ahhh yummmy..
esp the piggy trotter!!

colleague said that this food here looks so much better than our office's CNY menu that we are going to have!


Koala Bear said...

The veg looks like di huang miao.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just want to say this is a great site! Now I know where to go to when introducing Singapore food to foreigners.

Anonymous said...

Le Wai Tian is up and coming...I've been there recently and I've been wanting to go back there ever since.

Pearl said...

Ooo I live so near & yet havent heard of this place until now ! Great ! must check them out soon !

Anonymous said...

The vegetable is actually 'Di Huang Cai'.

Very good and yummy food.

Hi Cheryl,
really appreciate for your blog.

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