Thursday, November 15, 2007

The day I baked 800 cookies...

Someone once asked me if I'd actually bake for my own wedding (in the distant distant future) and I gave a hopeful answer, saying that I just might!

I didn't give much thought about my very optimistic answer until recently.

A bride-to-be ordered a total of 800 cookies from me to give away as gifts on her wedding and I agreed to do it. It did help that she contacted me like a loooong time ago, earlier this year. So I should have planned the entire process out to a T yes?

Well no, I didn't take into account that I would have school still, in November! But I was really keen to brighten up someone's happy day so I just stuck to my guns.

haha... this experience did make me think twice about ever baking for my own wedding. I don't think I'd have the energy to do that, as much as I'd love to. It's a tedious and tiring process especially if you don't own an industrial oven!

Once again, I baked at my aunt's place, borrowing her fantastic Brandt oven and KitchenAid. And with the help of my two fantastic friends Vivian & Tek Xin, I managed to bake the 800 chocolate cookies in a span of about 10 hours. I cannot imagine how long it would have taken if I had do shape all the cookies myself!

I have to thank my dear Dot for designing the sweet tag as well... and my sister! My sister who helped me cut all the tags and put the ribbons through them. It was a long drawn process but it was done do beautifully.

I'm blessed to have amazing family and friends who won't bat an eyelid when I ask for help. Thank God!

So in the end, the 200 packets (4 cookies in each pack) were nicely packed and tagged with matching ribbons and the bride collected them the day after. The fresh cookies travelled off and it was the last I had seen of them.

This project was no doubt fun and exciting but it was also really exhausting and it didn't help that I had a paper due the same day the cookies were due. Talk about bad timing! But I managed to tackle both and I can say that both went fine.

I heard from the bride that the guests liked the cookies. I'm glad they did. I was actually rather worried. I mean, it's one thing to bake for one, but another to bake for hundreds.

So anyway here's some snapshots of the packaged cookies:

Everything came together nicely....

Chocolate cookies packed and baked with lotsa love....

Congratulations Hwee Yee & Zhi Han! Here's to a blissful marriage!


[a][passionate][thinker] said...

Hi :) I actually found out about your blog when I was reading a Singaporean newspaper. I just want you to know that you're such an inspiration! Your passion for cooking and baking, plus your hard work will definitely pay off. I really hope that you will get to go to the culinary school you want ! And build your own place :D

All of the bakings look so yummy ;)

Keep up the great work!

Dawn said...

Hello Baker! I just had to type you and all I had read was "the day I baked 800 cookies!", so I have to share this story. My sis in law was visiting, she's a great fan of baked goodies I send and a great aunt to our sons. So, on the weekend she visited, I was baking for a friend's wedding, 700 pecan sandy cookies (the event was at the beach), and these were to be the guests favors. On about the 500th cookie, she said "aren't you tired of making those yet?" and that's when it occurred to me, I really WASN'T! Yes, it was work, and my neck and shoulders would feel the activity, but my heart and brain, well, they were happy as clams! I do love baking for others, it gives me a joy that I never see leaving me, even when I'm 94 instead of my current 44! Thank you for sharing your experiences with the world! Dawn, Charlotte, NC

Jen Da Purse Ho said...

you are a saint for doing that for your friend. dang those cookies look delicious. :) you are incredible! ;)

singairishgirl said...

Great job! And thank God for wonderful family and friends. You're blessed. The cookies look great and so do the tags.

Anonymous said...

Those look well done! :) I think for your own wedding you would rather relax (you'll probably be stressing over other things anyway) than compound your pre-wedding stress by baking your own cookies! hehe..

Jen said...

Hey Cheryl,

Was reading your blog & realised your friend's wedding date is the same as Jason & mine. Same time last year, you helped us baked delicious heart shaped chocolate cookies too!! Lovely!!!

Eva said...

You've been a really busy baker - guess I would have needed a week of vacation after such a project!

Vyvy said...

800 cookies?! no joke! but it was really very nicely done

the baker said...

a passionate thinker: heya! thank you for your kind words! :) ya hopefully culinary school won't seem too far off!

dawn: hey dawn! wow 700 pecan sandy cookies? now that's a feat in itself. but yea, i totally get what you mean. it's the joy of baking that tides you through, that numbs the pain of standing for hours in front of the hot hot oven :p

jen da purse ho: haha it was for a customer actually. well it was good that she liked it!

singairish: thanks girl! i did like the end result too!

anon: you bet! i don't think i'd have the time to fret about cookies when it comes to my wedding. i'd just leave it to someone else.. hopefully a very capable baker! we'll see when the time comes. haha.

Jen: hey jen! oh yea! haha that's right! i didn't realise that.. how cool is that?! how are you by the way? haven't seen you in ages!

eva: indeed! i was so exhausted. but alas, i have my exams to study for... and gosh today i baked cupcakes instead of burying myself with notes like i'm supposed to. this is bad!

vyvy: yea 800 is alot. ahaha i realised only when i was baking it. :p

yiting said...

the pictures of the cookies make me salivia already, i just can't resist a chocolate cookie...

pardon me for asking, would you mind sharing the recipe for these cookies... i would love to try them out! :)

shiyan said...

Great job Cheryl. This is no mean feat especially when you need to juggle baking with your exams as well. You are really impressive! Really happy for you that all things went on well for you. Kudos!
And I must add that the cookies look really good and they are very beautifully and professionally wrapped. How I wish I can be one of the guests so that I can get them. :P

Anonymous said...

Hi... I was at Zhi Han and Hwee Yee's wedding. Really enjoyed the cookies. I didnt know they are baked by you until I read the blog again today (trying not to read your blog too often cause those pictures of food make me hungry.



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