Thursday, August 02, 2007

Turning Upper Thomson Road P-I-N-K

It's no secret that I like eating at Miss Clarity Cafe. In fact, it's my most favourite place to hang out, and enjoy food at affordable prices.

Whenever I step into that cafe, I'm immediately transported to a pink girly world where I find myself being more chirpy and cheery than before.

This cafe brings back memories simply because I've had many gatherings there including friends' birthday celebrations. Those in Amplify will know what I mean! haha and we'll always make a racket when we go there.

Anyway in case those of you don't know, Miss Clarity Cafe has another outlet at Upper Thomson Road now. Their Purvis Street outlet still exists but they've simply expanded and you'll be happy to know that the other outlet is as lovely as its first.

Pink and pretty, the Upper Thomson Road outlet is more spacious and I personally love the location. I dropped by the new place last week and am glad I did. Seeing Nora again was like being reunited with a family member. :) She's that dear to me. haha, whenever I visit after a long time, she'll always ask me where have I been. She's a sweet lady.

So while I was there, I had quite a bit of food which kept me very full until late that night. We had cheese fries which I simply dig. They melt cheddar cheese instead of using some lame'ol ready made cheese squeeze. Really made all the difference.

Allow me to rave about the Papa de lamb. Dot was craving pasta and wanted to eat pappardelle pasta so bad. So we ordered this dish with slow-braised lamb shank. There wasn't an inch of disappointment with this. Braised for 4 hours, the lamb was tender and really delicious. Topped with a tangy tomato concasse, this dish was the clear winner for the night. It soothed our appetites and plastered grins on our faces.

Finally, the paella dish was on the menu so I had to try it. It came out in a little black pot with all the seafood on top (i ordered the seafood one) and looked really yummy. We tasted it and found it to be a bit different from what we expected. It was good, no doubt, but I think it could have done with more flavouring. So we asked Jonathan (the chef) and he told us that he took a different twist. It was cooked with tomatoes and saffron but not meant to be too strong and overpowering. I have to admit that I've never tasted an authentic paella from a Spanish restaurant so I believe I can't say much.

Oooo dessert was something altogether. We had the chestnut cream meille feuille. It's bascially wafer-thin crisp pastry (filo i think) sandwiched in between chestnut cream. Eating this was a dream. I totally digged the pastry and the cream was good too. Lovely

Next was the hot favourite (or so we heard) and one forkful later, we understood why. The top is kind of like a chocolate truffle cake while the bottom was cream cheese. The cheese is so smooth and creamy that it slides down your throat and it was a perfect fit, pairing it with the dark mysterious and equally smooth chocolate truffle. Chocolate truffle is a little like fudge so it works out pretty good. Oh yes, this cake is called Twin Divine. It was indeed divine I must say.

Jonanathan made us a green tea souffle too. I quite like the green colour. This souffle's light and airy and I like the green tea taste.

Here's a peek at how the interior looks like.

Much bigger eh?

I think I might visit here more often from now on. I think this location is more suitable for birthday celebrations.

What can I say, Miss Clarity is going places and I'm happy for them :D


Miss Clarity Cafe
2050 Upper Thomson Road
(beside Longhouse Hawker Centre)


Jim said...

Fillo dough's my favorite new dessert discovery. If I baked more often I'd probably keep a constant stock of the stuff; baklava and these tarts are some of my favorite desserts these days.

shee said...

ooh!!i lalways manage to pass by only :(cos by the time i reach there its closed!!!anw theres the famous ang ku kueh shop there!!!its not closed wheni reach there but all sold out!!!!

Anonymous said...

nv been to miss clarity cafe. but my sister went there. she said the food was ok for that kind of price.

but the Johnathan chef's souffle was quite, to put it badly, shitty.

seemed like didnt rise at all. or maybe time was taken too long to take the photo?

Anonymous said...

the squid rings there are overpriced rubbish too

Jaime-La-Nouriture said...

WOW...much publicity has been made to miss clarity cafe but i always didnt try it. ur photos are beautiful and the food looks good! will try them definitely!

Monique said...

The Chocolate + Cream Cheese cake looks soooo decadent! I salivate just looking at it!

sharoNG said...

Sounds good! I wanna try out Miss Clarity Cafe too.

Just wanna share about another cafe I visited last week - The Black Sheep Cafe. They serve great food at really affordable prices. See my post for more info.


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