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Cedele Depot

Promised to post about Cedele Depot using nothing but words and I shall.

Funny though - everytime I eat there, I fail to take a photo before eating the food. There's only one explanation. Haha, I've eaten there about 4 to 5 times in the past few weeks and it's always dessert; never sandwiches or salads. I've been a bad bad girl - been eating too much junk!

Maybe that's why I'm sick now! Yea, got the flu bug from lil sis. Being sick ain't fun. So here I am, cheering myself up by going into details about the fantabulous cakes & pastries at Cedele. Hey, it's my way of therapy. hahaa...

So... back to the lovely treats at Cedele. My my, I can't stop raving bout their cakes to everyone I meet. Don't believe me, ask my friends :)

Yep, this is me - I am always eager to share good food and I get really excited when I come across something that I know I just have to tell the ahem whole world about. Don't be alarmed by my excitement, it comes from my deep rooted passion and belief that everyone is entitled to good yummy food!

All right, enough digression. Back to the cakes. I'll go through the ones I've tasted one by one!

The cake that literally blew me away was their Chocolate Banana Espresso Cake. I'm one of those people who think that chocolate and banana make a perfect couple. There can be no beautiful and delicious match on earth. Well aside from chocolate and hazelnut (think Nutella) that is. So what's so gorgeous about the cake? There's just a right amount of chocolate and banana. The sweet caramelised bananas are layered in between soft chocolate cake and my oh my, it's topped with some amazing espresso chocolate frosting BUT that's not all. You know what I love about this cake especially? Their crunchy topping - oat and walnut strusel. It just packs a punch, and heightens the whole chocolate banana cake experience. Now now, I could go on and on and on but I think I'd want you to taste it for yourself. Ahhh I'm dreaming about it right now. If only I had a slice in front of me. I'd so gobble it up!

I don't mind having every slice of their cake in front of me right now actually. That'll be the ultimate heaven! Give me a slice of Chocolate Pistachio Cake and Chocolate Truffle Cake too - it's pure bliss. Both cakes are truffle types. Okay the thing about truffle cakes is that they're really rich and dense. Why? Because they're made with cream and hardly any flour (maybe only a tablespoon). Yep, it's pure, unadulterated chocolate with some simple ingredients and it really kicks ass. So the Chocolate Pistachio Cake uses almond pistachio sponge made out of egg white and the chocolate truffle layer alternates. So it's sponge, then chocolate truffle, sponge then chocolate truffle - I'm sure you get the gist. Yum yum, I love the pistachio topping as well. I think the sponge goes very well with the truffle part. And then there's the pure Chocolate Truffle Cake. Now this one is meant for serious chocoholics. Please don't ever try it if you don't really like chocolate or just don't fancy feeling like you've eaten 3 bars of chocolate. It's highly rich but heh highly satisfying. Each forkful feels like a step toward heaven - my chocolate heaven, the place I hope to end up in when I die. hahaha.. yea RIGHT. Maybe I will be able to swim in a chocolate pond not unlike that in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory! hahahaa..... But I want it to be made out of Valrhona chocolate please? Pretty pretty please!

Wake up Cheryl! Fancy you dreaming of chocolate when you're sick. Man, you gotta get your head fixed. Hey... I can't help it - it ain't my fault that I love chocolate this much ya know.

Okay, one more rave about another chocolate based dessert - the Chocolate Hazelnut Blueberry Roll. This was like a swiss roll with blueberry cream made using real blueberries. There were bits of hazelnuts in the cream too. The sponge was chocolate and I must say, this entire combination is really refreshing and delicious. It's like a light fluffy walk through a blueberry plantation (if that's what its called! pardon my ignorance!). Love this.

Lemon Meringue Pie was pretty good except that I didn't really like the meringue because it was too sweet. But then again, meringue has to be sweet and it's sweet because it's meant to complement the tartness of the lemond curd filling. Ooooo I adore the lemon filling - told ya I love sour tangy foods! I think they have a Banana Meringue Pie as well - but I've yet to try it.

Oh oh, if you're looking for something not chocolate and something not so heavy to enjoy with your coffee or tea, you've got to try their Raspberry Almond Scone and Apple Berry Crumble Pie. The scone was a complete dream. Dusted with toasted sliced almonds and confectioner's sugar, complete with a hint of raspberry jam, this huge scone makes for a very satisfying tea time treat. I love the texture. This is how scones should be like - not too dry and not too wet either. It goes very well with a hot drink (I had mine with coffee). The Apple Berry Crumble Pie is another wonder. The pie was sweet yet tart and the colour was oh so pretty. A dark rose maroon - you know what they say, pretty foods don't always taste so good? I guess they were wrong this time. Anyway I love crumbles and I love pies so I think this was a really great combination. Ahhh I love this pie so much! I think it'll taste great with Vanilla Tea. Mmmmm....

Wow, I've raved quite a bit about Cedele Depot. I know, it sounds as if I'm writing an advertorial! But seriously, I am a great fan of their food (desserts especially...ahaha) and I'm just so drawn to their healthy food philosophy. They are trans-fat free by the way. Their cakes are made using unsalted butter or cold pressed extra virgin olive oil and organic unrefined sugar. They also bake their cakes using fresh farm eggs. They make their cakes fresh daily.

BUT the one thing I love about their cakes is that they're completely unpretentious. Go walk pass one of their outlets and I'm sure you'll get what I mean. Their cakes speak for themselves. They don't decorate it much because they don't need to. Substance is there, it's the 'rawness' of their desserts that I can't get enough of. What you see is what you get - good quality cakes with great taste. The cakes are big and solid as well! Man oh man, if I'm too lazy to bake my own cake during my birthday, I'll definitely get one of theirs.

Cedele Depot - keep up the excellent work! By the way, they've been around for 10 years now. Amazing huh? I'm not surprised! After all, they've got the goods.

Check out their outlets at


Anonymous said...

You should try their carrot cake and blueberry crumble muffin too! Those are great!

Anonymous said...

I just had their banana choc cake of my favourites!

You should try their date rugelach rolls, I remember you blogged about it a while back. They are really good...esp for date-lovers like me...

Anyway I've been following your blog for a while now..really enjoy reading your food posts :)


Piccola said...

How do you rate their blackforest cake? or is there other shops that you would recommend their black forest cakes.


Anonymous said...

Chocolate and bananas ARE the perfect match! My personal fave!

m a r i e said...

yeah i totally agree with ya about the perfect match man. but maybe i have a biased opinion cause i think anything with banana is good. X:

anyway, why no pics!? your description was good. but i was like dying for a drool-worthy pic of the chocolate banana espresso cake too. (:

take care and bake soon!


Anonymous said...

Aiyoh. Why no carrot cake? The carrot cake is fantastic and the walnuts just makes it even better!

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