Sunday, November 12, 2006

Bacon or not?

turkey bacon

Hola! Man, it feels good to be back online.

Been so busy with my assignments and as if that wasn't enough, my laptop crashed last weekend!

Yea, so that's why I haven't been posting here.

Anyway it's fixed (thanks to my very capable aunt!) and I have my laptop running smoothly now with everything intact and with the proper updated softwares and all. So that's cool! Praise God!

So anyway, I want you to look at that photo up there and guess.

Is that bacon? If yes/no, why?

Just a simple quiz to tease you guys! :)

Ahh, on another note altogether, I want to encourage all those students out there whose exams are around the corner! Happy Studying... keep it going... it's tough but hey, it'll be over in no time. Haha, just like mine... which starts in 2 weeks. Eeks. Trying my best not to freak out!

To be honest, I haven't really started revision! This is bad. The first half of the week was spent planning and baking more than 200 cookies for my friend's wedding. It was stressful I tell ya! But so worth it. Will talk about it in another post ya... Right now I better get some sleep! Got a 9am tutorial in the morning. Nitez!


Rachel said...

That's not bacon!

Anonymous said...

It's turkey bacon - cos that's the filename of your picture :p

Also because it looks much leaner and thinner than the typical pork bacon.

It doesn't look like candy strips cos there's no sugar on it.

Correct or not?

Anonymous said...

I would have said NOT bacon... I was about to add "looks like candy!", but Yich must be right! ;-)

Sammy said...

Haha, looks like candy to me. Candy with bacon taste!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cheryl...

Thats definately NOT bacon...
Its turkey bacon.

Have seen in around and some claim that its a healthier version to the real stuff.

In fact, thats what they serve in Burger King in S'pore! haha...cos its halal!

BUT, I still love the good ol' pork bacon. mmm.. hehe... Its great in so many things: Quiche, with bread, fried with veggie, pizzas... haha. Its all in the oil!

Study hard babe! I'm also having exams over in NTU... :(
But yes, we can do it!!!

Rachel aka thelazychef

bossacafez said...

umm, vegetarian/mock bacon? :p

Anonymous said...

i agree, it's turkey :) The streaks look too even to be pork...think I've seen this retailing in the supermarket next to the real bacon.

Amrita said...

not bacon....^_^

Just to tell u your blog is awesome and I have been reading it for ages...just always forget to comment :D...Wish my blog was as gd as urs!

Unknown said...

It is TURKEY BACON cause I ate alot of them. Tastes like "artificial bacon" if it is compared to the pork version. I always thought they used fake bacon in Burger King, but Turkey bacon's texture and taste is really . .. turkeyish :P

laureen said...

hey Cheryl,

This is so unrelated to this post. I was just wondering if you knew what raspberries were going for in Singapore? Are they cheaper frozen (if available) or fresh? I'm trying to work out what to make for a Christmas party i'm throwing and i hardly bake given the amount of time i spent back on our sunny little island. Thanks so much and all the best with the exams! =)

Anonymous said...

it's fakcon(fake bacon). made from processed turkey meat, and with lots of other artificial flavourings and colourings to made it look baconny....

the baker said...

Dear all: wow some of you were spot on! haha. but then again, silly me forgot to rename the title of the photo. anyways, yes it is TURKEY BACON! not candy or anything else..

it tastes a little weird though. more turkey-ish than anything else. i guess it makes sense since it's not real bacon!

Good try everyone! :)

the baker said...

the coffeesnob: heya, hmm i believe I've seen both fresh and frozen raspberries beings sold here. but yea, they're quite pricey. I think the price can range from $6 to $8. That's the last time I checked. :) what do you plan to make? Raspberry pavlova? Or raspberry pie? haha i want some!

laureen said...

heh a raspberry swirl cheesecake actually, along with a couple other fruits and chocolate desserts. i was thinking about using strawberries instead but i already have a strawberry shortcake tower on the menu :) if only temperate fruits were as affordable in Singapore as they are in Melbourne.

Anonymous said...

hmmm... looks like the dog food. no serious. those turkey bacon kind.

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