Sunday, December 04, 2005

Parisian Hot Chocolate

Bittersweet choc - 74 percent cocoa content

My legs are really tired, knees sore and muscles aching.

And it's all because I ran a marathon today.

Yes, the entire 42.195km of it! Sounds crazy huh? But hey I completed it! My first try and it was a real challenge. All about mind over matter. Most of the time, I used food as a motivation factor; thinking of what I'd eat after I've completed the distance.

and so, that's where this post comes in. A few days before, I made this thick decadent hot chocolate to pamper myself. It's quite simple really. Just add bittersweet chocolate to milk and viola. Here's some pictures:

Mixing Chocolate with Milk
mixing the chocolate with milk

A Cuppa Parisian Hot Chocolate

David Lebovitz's post about this dark desirable cuppa made me wanna drink it. That's why I knew I had to make some for myself.

Haha, I should probably make it for myself again as a reward for completing my first marathon ever!


Parisian Hot Chocolate

2 cups (60 cl.) whole milk
5 ounces (130g) bittersweet chocolate - at least 70% cocoa solids
Optional: 2 tbsp light brown sugar

Heat milk in saucepan.
Whisk in chocolate to warm milk, stir till melted and steaming hot
Taste & add brown sugar if desired.


cin said...

Thanks for the reality check! I was just saying how happy I was to have completed 10km, and you've run a marathon!!!

Hopefully I will be able to get there one day - btw, how long did you train for?

rokh said...

a cuppa of hot cocoa. lovely. thanks for the simple recipe.

Anonymous said...

may i know where u got that chocolate u used to make the drink from? noir? haven seen it before.

jadepearl said...

Kudus on the 42.195km run!!!
Hot choc drink - heavenly! My fav esp. during this monsoon season.

Anonymous said...

wow cheryl! the whole 42.195km? *kowtows* you bake, you write, you run marathons. what can you not do?

the chocolate looks delicious by the way.:)

Anonymous said...

hey, i've been reading your blog for a while (found it through someone else's food blog) and i just made this hot chocolate. it was really intense! i added some whipped cream to it because i used el rey chocolate which is really bitter (80 percent i think.) i may be up all night from the sugar rushes. i'm going to have to make this again during school exams. thanks for the recipe.

Anonymous said...

Your parisian hot chocolate looks nice to drink.

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